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Before I went to Montreal, I heard about Schwartz’s which is synonymous with smoked meat sandwich. My friends in Toronto, when I told them I was going to visit Montreal, told me to go eat poutine and smoked meat sandwich which translates to La Banquise and Schwartz’s. During my Free Old Montreal Walking Tour, my guide told us that Celine Dion owns Schwartz’s.



I set out from my hostel with three other people and we walked to Schwartz’s so I could eat dinner. We got there after 8:30pm and there was still a line up outside the door for a table. Since I was the only one who hadn’t eaten, I decided to get take out rather than wait in line for a table. I got the smoked meat sandwich ($7.64 including tax). It’s basically 2 pieces of bread with dijon mustard between a huge stack of smoked meat. It was absolutely delicious! There was alot of fatty oily smoked meat and at times an entire mouthful is just smoked meat. Overall, it satisfied the carnivore inside of me. If I’m in Montreal again I will come back if I have a craving for smoked meat sandwiches.


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