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Sabai Sabai (Part II)

My friends and I came here for a late night snack. Neither of my friends had eaten here before. The servers were just as courteous and friendly as the last time I ate here. Due to the fact that it was Valentine’s Day, they had a specials menu along with the regular menu. We ordered from their specials menu. We had the spicy coconut noodles aka mee kati ($8), spicy lao sausage ($10) and the golden chicken ($5).

One friend listened to my recommendation and ordered the Thai iced milk tea ($4, right side of picture) while another friend got the Thai iced lemon tea ($4, left side of picture). I decided to satisfy my curiosity from last time and ordered the Thai Long Island ($9, center of picture). My friend thought that the Thai iced lemon tea was abit too lemony and it overpowered the taste of the Thai iced tea while the Thai Long Island was nice in that the lemon wasn’t overpowering the Thai iced tea.

The spicy coconut noodles aka mee kati is thin rice noodles on banana leaves that’s stir fried in a spicy coconut milk sauce with ground chicken, bean sprouts, green onions and garnished with egg threads, a hot pepper ring and a lime wedge. It was scrumptious with a nice spicy kick to it. Although it looks like it’s a small portion it was surprisingly big.

The spicy lao sausage is pork belly sausage that’s seasoned with lemongrass, galangal, lime leaf and shallots. It comes with a sweet and sour chili dipping sauce. It was delicious.

The Golden Chicken is corn, green onions, minced chicken in a special sauce that’s reminiscent to spicy BBQ sauce on a crispy cracker on top of crispy shredded noodles. My friend said that the tapas dish reminded him of a Lays BBQ chip.
Next time I come here, I’m interested in trying one of their salads and their lunch menu.

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Sabai Sabai

My friend and I decided to have a late dinner at Sabai Sabai. It’s a Thai tapas restaurant on Church near Eaton Center. In a sense, Sabai Sabai is a sister restaurant to Khao San Road Restaurant and Sukhothai Restaurant. It’s on the pricier side while the portions are small but not too small. My friend and I got the crispy fried taro roll ($9.5), crispy fried fish ($9) and red flamed stir-fried morning glory ($9). My friend got the Thai Milk Iced Tea ($4) while I got the Sailor’s Delight ($8).


The 5 crispy fried taro roll is accompanied by a sweet and sour chili dip and garnished with a cilantro. It’s quite filling since the roll is basically stuffed to the brim with taro.


The 4 pieces of crispy fried fish has a sweet and tangy tamarind reduction sauce poured on top of it. It was scrumptious.


The stir-fried morning glory consists of pak boong also known as water spinach which is also known as on choy at Chinese supermarkets which is stir fried with garlic and chili. It strongly reminded me of the chinese vegetable dishes at Chinese restaurants.

Left: Sailors Delight Right: Thai Iced Milk Tea

Left: Sailors Delight
Right: Thai Iced Milk Tea

Sabai Sabai offers Thai Iced Tea in a milk version and a lemon version. My friend got the milk version and enjoyed it immensely. I was intrigued by their cocktails that incorporated Thai Iced Tea. The Sailor’s Delight is comprised of Thai Iced Tea and Sailor Jerry’s Rum. I couldn’t taste the alcohol but I can feel the buzz.

The next time I eat here, I want to try the pork skewers (which take 15-20 min. to make fresh), the Thai Long Island and the Thai Iced Lemon Tea. If you want to eat Thai food tapas style then this restaurant is for you.

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Dessert adventures in downtown Toronto: Kekou Gelato

wpid-img_20140804_170008.jpg wpid-img_20140920_180606.jpg

Kekou Gelato is at 13 Baldwin St at Baldwin Village. It serves gelato with Asian flavours. It’s like I flew on a plane to Hong Kong or Singapore and went to an ice cream or gelato shop. The flavours include HK milk tea, pandan, soursop, peanut sesame, durian, Vietnamese coffee, Thai iced tea, whiskey green tea, white chocolate red bean, among other flavours. Everything is made with real ingredients. Kekou has a stamp card wherein if you get 9 scoops/cones/cups you’ll get a small cone or cup for free on your tenth scoop. I got a 2 scoop ice cream cone for $5.03 including tax. The first time I went I had the durian and Thai Iced Tea in a seaweed cone. The second time I went I got the whiskey green tea and ginger dark chocolate sorbet in a seaweed cone. If you’re interested in trying Asian flavour gelatos then this is the place to go to.

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Salad King

My university friends and I went to Salad King this past Thursday for dinner. We hadn’t seen each other in a while and it’s the holiday season. The decor is quite modern with some Thai art accents. It’s also much more brightly lit compared to Linda Modern Thai, their sister restaurant at Shops at Don Mills in North York. Their service is fairly prompt and nice. My friends got the Golden Curry with Chicken on Rice ($8.75) while I had the Panang Curry with Beef on Rice ($8.75) and Thai Iced Tea ($2.75).


The Golden Curry with Chicken has bell pepper, broccoli, carrot, chicken, mushroom, onion and bay leaf in Thai yellow curry with coconut milk, palm sugar, tamarind and Thai herbs. It’s served with steam rice on the side in a pyramid shape. My friends had the curry with 1 chili so it was mildly spicy. Both of my friends didn’t find it very spicy; They thought it was faintly spicy however they still enjoyed it immensely.


The Panang Curry with Beef has Sweet Asian basil, beef, bell pepper, lime leaf and peanuts in Panang curry with coconut milk. It’s served with steam rice on the side in a pyramid shape. I had the curry with 5 chilies and while it was spicy, it wasn’t as spicy as I expected it to be and it wasn’t as spicy as I would have liked it to be. Overall, it was still quite delicious.


The Thai Iced Tea is quite authentic. It tasted like the Thai Iced Tea I had at the MBK Centre food court in Bangkok. Thai Iced Tea is black tea with condensed milk and spices served over ice.

Overall, I recommend this restaurant if you’re around Eaton Center and looking for a delicious cheap place to eat or if you’re in the area and craving Thai food that’s cheap and delicious.

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Khao San Road Restaurant

A friend of mine recommended this restaurant to me. At first I thought my friend was in Thailand when I first saw him posting on Facebook saying that he was at Khao San Road. I thought it slightly strange that he was in Bangkok for a day. Khao San Road is the most touristy area in Bangkok. It becomes almost like a night market at night. There’s alot of restaurants and shops on that road. The street food includes pad thai and shawarma. You could get fake ID there too. The restaurant in Toronto is quite small and it doesn’t take reservations so you could wait for awhile for a table. I’ve been there twice already with two different friends. Fortunately, we didn’t have to wait long the two times I’ve been there.

The first time I went there, my friend and I split an appetizer and each ordered our own main dish. My friend and I split the Gra Bong ($10). My friend ordered Gaeng Kaew Wan ($13) while I ordered medium spicy Chef Special Pad Thai ($15). I also had Cha Nom Yen ($4.5).

Gra Bong

Gra Bong

Gra Bong is squash fritters with wild ginger, lemongrass and red curry sauce. It reminded me slightly of bird’s nest however it tastes quite good.


Gaeng Kaew Wan

Gaeng Kaew Wan is green curry with bamboo shoots, green peppers, Thai basil, kaffir lime leaves and rice.

Pad Thai

Chef Special Pad Thai

Chef Special Pad Thai is stir-fried rice noodles with egg, tofu, beansprouts, chives, tamarind sauce, roasted peanuts, dried chili, and lime juice. I enjoyed it. The medium spicy level was ok for me, I didn’t find it too spicy.

Cha Nom Yen

Cha Nom Yen

Cha Nom Yen is Thai Iced Tea. It’s just as authentic as the ones I had in Bangkok.

The second time I went there, my friend and I ordered our own main dish. My friend had the medium spicy Street Style Pad Thai ($14) while I had the weekly special, Gai Pad King ($13) with a spicy level of Thai spicy. We both ordered Cha Nom Yen.

Street Style Pad Thai

Street Style Pad Thai

Street Style Pad Thai is stir-fried rice noodles with shrimp, egg, tofu, beansprouts, chives, and tamarind sauce. My friend found the medium spicy Street Style Pad Thai to be slightly too spicy for her so the dish wasn’t as enjoyable for her as it was for me.

IMG_8933 IMG_8929

I found the Thai spicy Gai Pad King to be too spicy for me so it wasn’t enjoyable for me compared to my first experience.

Overall, Khao San Road Restaurant is quite an authentic restaurant and I recommend it if you’re in downtown Toronto and in the mood for Thai food.

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