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Originally my friends and I were going to eat dinner at Kazkav on a Saturday night however we were told that the restaurant was at full capacity so we went to Joey’s at Yorkdale instead. One friend had the bacon cheddar burger ($17.52 including tax) and a sushi cone ($4) while another friend had the Panang prawn curry bowl ($17.75) and a sushi cone. A friend had butter chicken  ($20.06 including tax) while another friend had the ahi tuna club ($19.21 including tax). I had the lobster grilled cheese sandwich with yam fries ($18.5), a sushi cone and a dessert called happy ending ($4.5).


Sushi cone is a reconstructed hand roll. It’s a tempura prawn cone with avocado, spicy mayo, tobiko, ginger and wasabi. It’s alright for a hand roll although I didn’t like how the wasabi and ginger were grouped together so one bite would be mostly ginger and another bite would be mostly wasabi and the third bite would be no ginger or wasabi.

Butter Chicken

Bombay Butter Chicken

The Panang prawn curry bowl is stir-fried vegetables, red coconut curry, Thai basil, peanuts with rice. The Bombay butter chicken comes with almond basmati rice and grilled naan. My friends enjoyed their dishes.


The ahi tuna club is grilled rare tuna, bacon, sweet pepper relish, arugula, and panko onion rings in a bun. It comes with a side of fries. My friend enjoyed it.


The lobster grilled cheese sandwich is atlantic lobster, brie & cheddar cheese, and cocktail sauce. The lobster grilled cheese sandwich was good while the yam fries were abit too salty for my tastes.


The happy ending dessert is 70% dark chocolate, dulce de leche and maldon salt. The dessert wasn’t as good as I thought it would be considering that it’s dark chocolare and dulce de leche combination.

Overall, Joey’s doesn’t live up to its hype.

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