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Weekend in NYC

Here are my photos for the day
We took the metro fairly early in the morning all the way down to Battery Park to catch the ferry to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. We had to go inside to the middle of the circular building to Ticket Window 4 for the NYC Day Pass ticket redemption. There is a security check before embarking on the ferry and it’s the most similar to an airport security check compared to the ones at the observation decks or museums. It didn’t take us too long to get onto the ferry even with what I thought was a fairly long line up at 9am. There are spectacular shots of downtown NYC, Ellis Island, New Jersey and the Statue of Liberty from the ferry. The ferry does a one way circular loop of Battery Park to Statue of Liberty to Ellis Island to Battery Park. We first disembarked at the Statue of Liberty to take pictures. After taking our fill of pictures of the Statue of Liberty and the scenic view of downtown NYC we lined up for the ferry to Ellis Island. Ellis Island is now an Immigration museum with 3 floors of exhibits. My friend and I explored the 1st and 2nd floor exhibits but there were way too many stairs for our tired feet to climb to get to the third floor so we decided to forgo it.

When we were exiting Battery Park, I noticed that the saying the early bird gets the worm is very accurate. The line up I thought was long was actually fairly short in comparison to the line up at 11am-noon. It was extremely long and stretched nearly all the way to the street. I wouldn’t want to be lining up in their place nor would I want to know how long it takes them to just see the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. My friend and I went exploring around downtown NYC. We first went to the Frances Tavern museum. the ground floor is a restaurant while the upper levels is the museum. No pictures are allowed in the museum. There’s a replica of how the tavern used to be back in the olden days of the American Revolution era. There were alot of flags, maps and paintings of George Washington. Across the street from the Frances Tavern museum is the Pearl St Underground Tavern. You look through the Plexiglass and see the foundations of Lovelace’s Tavern which was built back in 1670 and there is a cistern from the early 18th century. We then strolled through Stone Street Historic District. It’s a 17th century cobblestone alley that’s now filled with dining and drinking establishments. I had initially thought we could eat at a restaurant located at Stone Street however all of the establishments are pricey for a luncheon or we weren’t in the mood for that particular cuisine. We then took the metro back to Row NYC so I could charge my phone and figure out where downtown Shake Shack was located. We then took the metro and walked to Shake Shack. After lunch, we took the metro to Wall St. and found out that the American Museum of Finance closed at 4pm which was when we arrived. So we continued walking along Wall St and took pictures at the George Washington statue outside of the Federal Hall National Memorial and the NYSE building. The Federal Hall National Memorial is where George Washington was inaugurated, the Bill of Rights was written and where the first Congress gathered. We continued along Wall St. to the Trinity Church which was closed for an evening event. So we went in search of the metro station and happened upon the World Trade Center and the 9/11 Memorial. The two reflection pools are where the twin towers once stood. We skipped the 9/11 Memorial Museum because of the extremely long line up.

We took the metro and walked to Takashi only to be told that we had to wait for 2-3 hours for a table so we walked back to the metro. We went back to Times Square so my friend can take photos. We then went to Madame Tussaud’s. There were wax figures of Johnny Depp, Tara Banks, Angelina and Brad, Anne Hathaway, George Clooney, sports stars including Yao Ming, Pele and Serena Williams, music stars including Prince, Jimmi Hendrix, Tupac, Michael Jackson, Alicia Keys and Rihanna, famous people including Ernest Hemingway, Obama, Clintons, Bush, Nixon, Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King Jr and the British Royal Family. After touring Madame Tussaud’s, we took the metro and walked to the Empire State Building. We went on the Skyride attraction after another fairly long line up. The most disappointing attraction for my entire trip is the Skyride. I had thought that it would be a 30 min. ride not a walk through of three video presentations before the ride. One of the videos detailed abit about the building of the Empire State Building which was interesting but the other video was about other famous sights of NYC and another video was regarding what Skyride was about. It also didn’t help that the video presentation areas had absolutely no seats so we were forced to be standing for a fairly long time. The Skyride itself was abit like a neurotic roller coaster video ride and at times the video is unclear. If it wasn’t included in the NYC Day Pass admissions, I wouldn’t have gone on the Skyride nor do I recommend it. After the ride was over, my friend and I took the metro back to 8th Ave and went to Shake Shack that’s near Row NYC to get takeout before heading back to Row NYC.

Here is the link to my pictures
On Sunday, we went to Discovery Times Square and got tickets for the Marvel SHIELD exhibit because my friend didn’t want to see the Body exhibit. Discovery Times Square doesn’t allow pictures inside the exhibits. We had to make an Agent ID for the Avengers exhibit and go through two debrief areas before being able to freely walk around the exhibit. It was all about the Hulk, Iron Man and Captain America. There was abit about the villians’ weaponry. There are alot of interactive exhibits. After we were finished walking around the exhibits, we lined up outside of Shake Shack (they weren’t open yet) so we could get brunch. The tables were all filled up by the time we got our order so we took it back to Row NYC. After eating brunch and reorganizing our bags, we waited in line for the baggage drop off. Row NYC’s express check out is that if we don’t have any tabs or bills to settle then we can just leave or utilize the baggage drop off. We probably waited an hour just to drop off our baggage. The Caucasian female standing behind us was really impatient and yelled at the employees managing the baggage drop off. They were understaffed with only four people in total managing the baggage drop off/pick up. After we dropped off our luggage, we walked to Madison Ave to take the bus to Guggenheim Museum.

Here is the link to my photos at Guggenheim and MET
The Day Pass allowed us to bypass the line outside and get our tickets fairly quickly. We took the elevator to the top of the museum and leisurely wind our way down back to the ground floor. Guggenheim doesn’t allow photographs inside aside from on the ground floor in which you just aim up at the ceiling. The Guggenheim museum is the largest of the “small” museums in NYC. It is designed by Frank Lloyd Wright and it’s a Babylonian-style “inverted ziggurat” filled with modern art by Picasso, Kandinsky, Amedeo Modigliani and Camille Pissaro. There was an exhibit that was 99 bottles of beer on the wall inspired as well as artwork that is inspired by vibration, light and sound. After we meandered our way down the rotunda we headed towards the MET.

The MET or Metropolitan Museum of Art is basically like an encyclopedia of world art in two buildings. It is impossible to see it all in one day. My friend and I were constrained to an hour or so to explore the museum before having to rush to the airport for our flight back. Once you enter the MET, you have to go through a security check. I went to the info desk to ask where I can get tickets using my Day Pass and the young attendant there was able to get it for me which was really nice of him. We explored part of the Medieval Art and European Sculptures and Decorative Arts galleries.

On our taxi ride to the airport, the news report mentioned the Air Asia plane disappearing between Singapore and Surubaya and I thought it wasn’t a good omen before our flight back home. Luckily we arrived safely in Toronto.

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