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Winterlicious: bb33 bistro and brasserie

My university friend and I went to have dinner at bb33 bistro and brasserie. It’s located inside the Eaton Chelsea Hotel on 33 Gerrard St. W. It’s currently slightly hard to find just because of all the construction going on in the area. The decor was interesting while the service was very friendly. We sat near the bar so I noticed that they served Sleeman and Ephemere Apple Beer on tap. My friend likes how they have really gigantic bottles of wine in the niches of the wall by the bar. The Winterlicious dinner is $35 + tax and tip. My friend and I both got the duo of pork and duck rillettes for the appetizers. My friend had the spaghetti with shrimp, kale and roquette while I had the Riesling-braised osso buco. For dessert, my friend and I both got the Chelsea bread pudding. We both also had a glass of Ephemere beer ($7).



When we first sat down we were given a glass of water and a plate of bread with choices of butter, balsamic vinegar/olive oil and this other dipping sauce. My friend first tried it and told me that it was slightly spicy. When I tried it, it had a spicy kick to it. We both agreed that it was some type of oil and somehow it was also spicy. I decided to ask our server about it and we were informed that it was chili oil. This is the first time I had bead with chili oil. It’s ingenious and it’s just as good as olive oil and balsamic vinegar with bread. It’s a very good combination if you can handle the heat.


The Duo of Pork and Duck Rillettes is pork or duck on toast croûtes and it was garnished with Fleur de sel, pear and roasted garlic chutney, radish and roquette. It was very delicious for a bite sized appetizer.


My friend enjoyed her spaghetti with shrimp, kale and roquette. The spaghetti with shrimp, kale and roquette is garnished with butter toasted panko, lemon zest and parmesan reggiano while it sits on top of a pappadum crisp. The papadum crisp has a spicy kick to it.


I enjoyed the Riesling-Braised Osso Buco which was garnished with Kerr Farm tomatoes, mushrooms, onions and garlic while lying on top of the Israeli couscous risotto. The osso buco is tender, juicy and abit fatty.


At first I wanted to know what exactly was the Lemon Brûlée Tartlet however I was informed that it was sold out so I decided to go with the Classic Chelsea Bread Pudding. The classic Chelsea bread pudding comes with English custard sauce and 3 raspberries. My friend didn’t think it looked like bread pudding and thought it was quite fusion.

Overall, I would recommend this place. The food quality is superb while service is very friendly.

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