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Shiso Tree

My friends and I decided to eat at Shiso Tree for lunch last month. Shiso Tree is in J-town and it’s a fusion Japanese Italian eatery. Tip is automatically allocated on the bill for large groups and large groups can’t do split bills. You also have to order from a special large group menu which excludes a number of pasta options that are available to smaller groups. The pasta is served with salad and garlic bread. The garlic bread comes with the pasta dish.

house salad served with pasta dishes

house salad served with pasta dishes

One friend got the Shrimp Cream of Corn ($12) which consists of cream of corn, sake, shrimp, nori and shiso.

shrimp okonomiyaki pasta with garlic bread

shrimp okonomiyaki pasta with garlic bread

Most of my friends decided to get the Shrimp Okonomiyaki pasta ($14) which consists of bacon, onions, Japanese mayo, bonito flakes, steak sauce, garlic dressed shrimp over spaghetti noodles. It’s considered a wafu pasta. They enjoyed it.

Cream of Corn Shrimp pasta with garlic bread

unagi don with garlic bread

Another friend got the Unagi-Don ($17) which consists of Japanese barbecued eel, shimeji mushrooms, cream teriyaki sauce, nori aka seaweed and shiso (minty herb). She liked it.

shoyu mushroom pasta with garlic bread

shoyu mushroom pasta with garlic bread

Another friend got the Shoyu Mushroom pasta ($11) which consists of enoki mushroom, king oyster mushroom, shimeji mushroom, Japanese soya sauce aka shoyu, nori and shiso. It’s also considered a wafu pasta. She enjoyed it.

wafu seafood spaghetti with garlic bread

wafu seafood spaghetti with garlic bread

I got the special which is the Wafu Seafood Spaghetti ($18). It consists of clams, shrimp and squid in shoyu & dashi sauce on top of spaghetti noodles and garnished with green onions, yuzu, nori and shiso. It was delicious and very filling.


I also decided to split the Okonomiyaki fries ($8) with 2 other friends. The Okonomiyaki fries is fries topped with Japanese mayo, bonito flakes, green onions and steak sauce. It’s quite delicious and it can easily be a meal on its own.

I recommend this restaurant if you’re looking to try Japanese-Italian pasta and Japanese inspired poutine. The next time I come, I want to try their desserts, especially the black sesame creme brulee.

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My friends and I celebrated a double birthday celebration last Sunday at Milestone’s. They have a coupon for the birthday person in which their entree is free if 3 entrees are purchased. When my friends and I arrived for our 6:30pm reservations, we were told that Milestone’s was sold out of prime rib. Apparently you could reserve prime rib when you make your reservations if you know for sure that you’ll be ordering prime rib the day of. So most of my friends decided to order pasta. Two of my friends got the chili crusted tilapia ($22) while another two had the classic mojito ($8.49). I had the Ultimate Bellini ($8.99) and Beef Tenderloin. I also shared the ahi tuna tacos ($15) with another friend who also got the Original Bellini ($6.99).


The Ahi Tuna Tacos are seared pepper crusted ahi tuna with cilantro lime slaw and avacado cream in a soft shell tortilla with deep fried avacado on the side. I would prefer a thicker slice of ahi tuna however on the whole the taco was quite good. The deep fried avacado was interesting.


The Beef Tenderloin was on the seasonal menu. It’s beef tenderloin with garlic infused mashed potatoes and cabbage and squash on the side with a stalk of green onion. It was quite tasty.


The Ultimate Bellini is a frozen blend of white rum, peach liqueur, sparkling white wine, sangria and a shot of strawberry flavoured vodka. The shot of vodka was separate because another friend had ordered the original Bellini (it’s the Ultimate Bellini without the vodka shot) and the bartender got confused and made 2 original Bellinis. The Bellini was nice.


The classic mojito is rum, lime juice, mint, cane syrup and soda. One of my two friends who had it thought it was refreshing. It was his first time trying a mojito.


The birthday boy&girl also get a donut covered with chocolate sauce and icing sugar with a snazzy candle on it. It looks better than it tastes.

I recommend Milestone’s for birthdays (nice treat for the birthday boy/girl) or the Monday Girls’ Night Out special.


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