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Winterlicious: Five Doors North

My high school friends and I decided to eat dinner here. Neither of my high school friends had tried any winterlicious/summerlicious restaurants before so I recommended Five Doors North to them to ensure a good first impression. Service is as impeccable as always. Winterlicious dinner is $25 + tax & tip and you could order rosemary focaccia bread for an extra $1.
Rosemary Focaccia Bread
Crispy Pork Belly
All three of us had the crispy pork belly. It comes with butternut squash mash and a caramelized apples and sweet onion reduction. The portion was smaller compared to last year’s crispy pork belly however it was just as scrumptious. The skin was crispy with a decent layer of fat and melt in your mouth meat.
Pumpkin Seed Crusted Salmon
For the main, both of my friends had the pumpkin seed crusted salmon while I got the grilled chimichurri skirt steak. The pumpkin seed crusted salmon comes with mango and smoked red pepper salad. My friends enjoyed it. One of them like that the mango was sweet and balanced the salmon well.
Grilled Chimichurri Skirt Steak
My grilled Ontario chimichurri skirt steak comes with crispy tortilla strips, avocado mousse and black bean sauce along with a tomato and lettuce salad. The skirt steak was slightly tough but done just right at medium rare and the black bean sauce was a good accompaniment to both the salad, crispy tortilla strips and the steak. The tomato and lettuce salad was also tasty on its own.
Flourless Chocolate Cake
My friends and I decided to split the dessert so we had the flourless chocolate cake, vanilla creme brulee and banana chocolate chip bread pudding. The flourless chocolate cake is made with dark chocolate and topped with blackberries with a blackberry coulis sauce. It was very delicious.
Vanilla Creme Brulee
The vanilla creme brulee was as scrumptious as always.
Banana Chocolate Chip Bread Pudding
The banana chocolate chip bread pudding comes with bourbon creme anglaise and the pairing is delectable.

Overall, I recommend you try this restaurant if you’re ever in the Yonge/Eglington/Davisville area whether for Winterlicious/Summerlicious or even on a regular night.

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The Rolling Pin

The Rolling Pin is a tiny bakery&cafe near the Loblaws between York Mills and Lawrence on Yonge. They sell cakes, pies, gourmet donuts, macarons and other baked goods. I had pre-ordered the Pecan Caramel Pumpkin Pie ($22). It comprises of a Graham crust, salted caramel, caramel drizzle, pumpkin filling, pecans and lots of whipped cream.


On the whole, the pie is good however I didn’t like the fact that the pumpkin filling is very minimal and there’s a large layer of whipped cream.

Initially when I first read pecan caramel pumpkin pie on their website I imagined combining pumpkin pie and pecan pie together. I didn’t think there would be so much whipped cream and the pecans would just be sprinkled on top of the whipped cream around the edges of the pie. I also didn’t think that the pumpkin filling would be a thin layer as opposed to the thick layer of pumpkin filling I am accustomed to for a regular pumpkin pie. Overall, I had different expectations of what the pie was suppose to be as opposed to how it actually turned out.

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Izakaya Tsuki (Part II)

My friends and I went back to eat at Izakaya Tsuki because my friend was craving Japanese food. She ordered the buttered squid ($8) again and tried the Tsuki Don ($13) and Three Mori Sashimi Moriawase ($10). The other friend had takoyaki ($7), okonomiyaki ($9) and green tea ice cream ($3). I had the Hamachi Wara Yaki ($11), Akabeko “Red Cow” Roll ($12.50) and Taro Ice Cream ($3).

Buttered Squid is squid grilled with butter and soy sauce. It’s just as delicious as before.

Tsuki Don is California Don topped with assorted diced sashimi. California Don ($9) is avocado, cucumber, tobiko and crabmeat on rice. It’s basically a deconstructed California Roll. My friend enjoyed it.

Three Mori Sashimi Moriawase is 9 pieces of a variety of sashimi. I liked the bowl of smoke that accompanied the dish.


Takoyaki is puffed octopus ball served with tonkatsu sauce. She enjoyed it.


Okonomi Yaki is a Japanese savoury pancake that’s topped with vegetable and katsuo (katsuobushi). She enjoyed it.


Hamachi wara yaki is yellow tail sashimi that is smoked over burning hay. It’s served with a lemon wedge, raw onions, sea salt and wasabi. It’s absolutely delicious.


Akabeko “Red Cow” Roll is avacado, aspharagus tempura, cucumber, and rice wrapped with a seared sirloin top. The only thing I didn’t like about it was that the avacado wasn’t ripe. My friends thought that the pieces were too big so they’d rather it was smaller.


My friend and I both enjoyed our ice cream. It’s definitely interesting to eat ice cream with a wooden spoon. I’m more used to using metal or plastic spoons to eat ice cream since I feel like I can taste the flavour more.
I recommend Izakaya Tsuki cause overall it still serves good food.

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Izakaya Tsuki

Some of my university friends and I went to eat dinner at Izakaya Tsuki afew weeks ago. Izakaya Tsuki is part of the building that houses Asian Legend, Tea Shop and a furniture store on Yonge Street near North York Civic Center. Izakaya Tsuki looks small from the outside but it’s quite spacious once you’re inside. The tables are mostly separated from each other by partitions which could be nice to have the illusion of privacy. The lighting is on the dim side. My friends arrived before me so when I got there, they already ordered some dishes. My friends ordered the buttered squid ($8) and Saba no Shio Yaki ($8). The buttered squid is squid grilled with butter and soy sauce. It’s delicious. My friends loved it. Saba no shio yaki is Mackerel grilled with salt. My friend enjoyed it. One friend and I split the Tako Wasabi ($4). I also got the Summer Night ($19.95) while another friend had the Mikazuki ($23) and two other friends split the Hangetsu ($35).


Tako Wasabi is octopus with chopped wasabi stem on a bed of sliced onion. I thought it would be similar to takoyaki but with wasabi inside so imagine my surprise when it came to our table and looked nothing like takoyaki. You have to pick up a piece of seaweed and then put the octopus, onions and sauce on the seaweed, wrap it up like you’re making sushi and eat it in one bite. The wasabi wasn’t overwhelming and overall the dish is interesting.


Summer Night has the option of including Kirin or Asahi beer ($29.50). I chose to not include beer since I had to drive. Summer Night is comprised of 5 pieces of takoyaki, 4 pieces of ebi fry, 3 pieces of korokke and kaki fry. Takoyaki ($7) is puffed octopus ball served with tonkatsu sauce and garnished with bonito flakes. Aside from tempura, takoyaki is one of my favourite deep fried Japanese appetizers/foods. Ebi fry ($8) is deep fried shrimp battered with bread crumbs. It’s delicious and while it reminds me of shrimp tempura, I prefer this version over the shrimp tempera found at other Japanese restaurants. Korokke is deep fried potato cakes coated with panko. Panko is Japanese-style breadcrumbs. Korokke is similar to croquette. Kaki fry ($8) is deep fried oyster served with Japanese tartar and salad. It’s delicious. When I ordered the dish, I thought I’d have some room for dessert however when it came to the table I was slightly surprised at how large it was and how filling it is.

sashimi for Hangetsu Combo

sashimi for Hangetsu Combo

Sashimi for Mikazuki Combo

Sashimi for Mikazuki Combo

Sushi and Maki for Mikazuki Combo

Sushi and Maki for Mikazuki Combo

Sushi and Maki for Hangetsu Combo

Sushi and Maki for Hangetsu Combo


Mikazuki is a small sushi and sashimi combo while Hangetsu is a medium sushi and sashimi combo. Mikazuki includes 15pc sashimi, 12pc sushi and maki while Hangetsu comprises of 21pc sashimi, 18pc sushi and maki. The sushi and sashimi are fresh and my friends enjoyed it. One friend commented that the Hangetsu should have different kinds of sushi that isn’t similar to the sashimi since she was getting tired of eating the same thing.

I was too full from my meal  so I didn’t order dessert. I wanted to try their taro ice cream ($3). There’s always a next time.

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Top Saigon

This past Sunday my friends and I went to Top Saigon at the Finch-Leslie Plaza for lunch. The decor reminds me of a Hong Kong style cafe and the lighting is quite bright. My friend said that it was a Thai-Viet restaurant but to me it had a more Chinese or Hong Kong cafe feel to it. Most of my friends ordered a curry dish. Their curry options include curry lamb and curry duck.


I had a small Curry Chicken Noodles in Soup ($6.25). The dish is potatoes, chicken and noodles in a curry soup broth with onions as garnishing. The curry is really good although I would have preferred the chicken to be deboned. Their quality of potatoes could be better but their chicken is quite good. The portions are quite large since I wasn’t able to finish the small portion. Overall, this is a good restaurant to try if you’re in the area and craving curry.

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Huh Ga Ne

At first my high school friends and I decided to eat at Lim Ga Ne however we went at the wrong time (at 7pm on a Friday night) so we were in for a long wait since the people before us got the last table for 3+ people. Instead we walked over to Huh Ga Ne. Huh Ga Ne recently opened and it’s under the same management as Lim Ga Ne. It also has Lim Ga Ne’s cooks in the kitchen. The decor there is much nicer and it’s much brighter and it has more space compared to Lim Ga Ne. Huh Ga Ne doesn’t have the homey feel that Lim Ga Ne has; it looks more upscale and classier which may probably be due to the chandelier. As with Lim Ga Ne, Huh Ga Ne has traditional style tables and seating and regular tables and chairs. My friends and I sat at the regular tables and we had the kam pung ki ($15-medium) and soondea jeon gol ($25).

side dishes at Huh Ga Ne

side dishes at Huh Ga Ne

The kam pung ki is a fusion dish. It is deep fried chicken with sweet, sour and spicy sauce. My friends thought that it’s almost like a spicier version of sweet and sour pork. The deep fried chicken can be abit fatty.


The soondea jeon gol comes with 2 bowls of purple rice since the serving size is for two people. Soondea jeon gol is basically several types of korean style sausages with vegetables cooked hot pot style. It has soondae (blood sausage), rice cakes, carrots, onions, napa cabbage, pickles, clear noodles, pig ears, enoki mushrooms and vegetables. It’s quite delicious and it has the perfect level of spiciness.


Overall, I found Huh Ga Ne to be on par with Lim Ga Ne in terms of pricing and the quality and quantity of food. The only bad thing about Huh Ga Ne is that there was this smell that came from the food that other people in the restaurant were eating that reminded me of fermented tofu except my friend said that it looked like pork. If you can let that smell not bother you then I prefer Huh Ga Ne to Lim Ga Ne.

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Salad King

My university friends and I went to Salad King this past Thursday for dinner. We hadn’t seen each other in a while and it’s the holiday season. The decor is quite modern with some Thai art accents. It’s also much more brightly lit compared to Linda Modern Thai, their sister restaurant at Shops at Don Mills in North York. Their service is fairly prompt and nice. My friends got the Golden Curry with Chicken on Rice ($8.75) while I had the Panang Curry with Beef on Rice ($8.75) and Thai Iced Tea ($2.75).


The Golden Curry with Chicken has bell pepper, broccoli, carrot, chicken, mushroom, onion and bay leaf in Thai yellow curry with coconut milk, palm sugar, tamarind and Thai herbs. It’s served with steam rice on the side in a pyramid shape. My friends had the curry with 1 chili so it was mildly spicy. Both of my friends didn’t find it very spicy; They thought it was faintly spicy however they still enjoyed it immensely.


The Panang Curry with Beef has Sweet Asian basil, beef, bell pepper, lime leaf and peanuts in Panang curry with coconut milk. It’s served with steam rice on the side in a pyramid shape. I had the curry with 5 chilies and while it was spicy, it wasn’t as spicy as I expected it to be and it wasn’t as spicy as I would have liked it to be. Overall, it was still quite delicious.


The Thai Iced Tea is quite authentic. It tasted like the Thai Iced Tea I had at the MBK Centre food court in Bangkok. Thai Iced Tea is black tea with condensed milk and spices served over ice.

Overall, I recommend this restaurant if you’re around Eaton Center and looking for a delicious cheap place to eat or if you’re in the area and craving Thai food that’s cheap and delicious.

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Owl of Minerva

Back in early April when the power was out in most of Waterloo, my friends and I had dinner at Owl of Minerva because I still didn’t have power at 7pm. I’ve been to Owl of Minerva before at Uptown Waterloo and in North York on Yonge Street. The first time I went to Owl of Minerva, I was in elementary school. The last time I went to Owl, I ordered dolsot bibimbap.

Spicy Kimchi

Spicy Kimchi

One of my friends ordered Japchae because he’s a vegan and he liked eating Japchae. Another friend ordered seafood stew because she loves the seafood stew at Owl. The rest of us ordered pork bone soup because that’s the specialty of Owl. I really enjoy the pork bone soup at Owl. The kimchi we were given are spicier compared to kimchi at other Korean restaurants in Ontario. There’s only 3 kimchi dishes at Owl compared to the usual 4+ kimchi dishes at other Korean restaurants.

Pork Bone Soup

Pork Bone Soup

Seafood Stew

Seafood Stew



If you want pork bone soup or any other Korean dish, Owl of Minerva is a good place to go to.

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Where to eat in Toronto/GTA

Here’s a list of restaurants I love going to in Toronto (Downtown Toronto, North York, Scarborough, Markham/Richmond Hill).

Chinese Restaurants

-Asian Legend

-Congee Wong

-Congee Queen

-Congee Time

-Phoenix Restaurant

-Diamond Banquet Hall

-Sun Star Chinese Cuisine

-Da Ya Li

-Federick Restaurant

-Sam BBQ Restaurant

-Made in China

-Keung’s Delight

-Kenny’s Delight



Korean Restaurants

-Oh Geul Boh Geul

-Buk Chang Dong Soon Tofu

-Owl of Minerva

-Korean Grill House

-Hodo Kwaja

-Tofu Village

-Jeon Ju Hyang Korean BBQ Restaurant


-Lim Ga Ne

-Huh Ga Ne


Japanese Restaurants

-Ten-Ichi Japanese Cuisine

-Sapporo Sushi

-Gal’s Sushi


-Kenzo Ramen

-Don Don Izakaya

-Sushi Legend (all you can eat restaurant at Finch-Leslie Plaza)

-Spring Sushi (a la carte and all you can eat restaurant at Yonge-Dundas Square)

-Tatami Sushi (all you can eat restaurant at Eglington Town Center)


Thai Viet Restaurants

-Pho 88

-Linda Modern Thai

-Khao San Road Restaurant

-Thai Fusion

-Spring Roll

-Golden Elephant

-Bahn Mi Boyz

-Salad King


Malaysian, Indonesian, Singaporean

-Restoran Malaysia

-Gourmet Malaysia

-Lion City Restaurant






Middle Eastern 

-Armenian Kitchen


-Jerusalem Restaurant (all you can eat and take-out restaurant)


-Arkadia House



-Ethiopian House

-Nazareth Restaurant


Dessert Places

-Caffe Demetre

-Pixel 8

-Summer’s Ice Cream

-Cafe Bene



High Tea

-Ruelo Patisserie

Windsor Arms




-The Grilled Cheese

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