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Sun’s Kitchen

I was in a rush this past Friday evening so I got take out from Sun’s Kitchen. It’s located on the second floor of Pacific Mall. It’s in the inner food court rather than the food court close to the escalators. They make the noodles right there so you’re guaranteed fresh noodles every time. You could see the chef making the noodles from scratch with the dough by the counter. The options include BBQ pork noodles in soup, dan dan noodles, beef tendon noodles in soup, wonton noodles in soup and BBQ duck noodles in soup. I had the beef brisket noodles (la mian) in soup ($6.75 including tax).


The dish comprises of beef brisket, afew pieces of shanghai bok choi, la mian/noodles and chicken broth. It also comes with soy bean milk. The beef brisket was tender and the noodles were delicious. If you’re at Pacific Mall or Market Village and unsure of what to eat, you could easily and cheaply satisfy any noodle craving here.

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