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Quince Bistro

My friends and I had dinner here afew days ago. The lighting was initially bright but it dimmed when it got abit later. It has two levels so while it may seem small, it’s a fairly large restaurant. Downstairs has a set-up where you could have a private function with leather couches, throw pillows and a private bar so it feels like you’re partying in your own basement.

A friend had the salmon chowder with potatoes and chive oil. I had a spoonful and it was quite delicious.

Another friend had the roasted carrot and beets salad with avacado and crispy quinoa.

Another friend and I had the octopus terrine with white miso coleslaw. A terrine is sliced food that has been prepared in advanced and given time to cool before serving. I had expected more octopus slices however the octopus goes well with the white miso coleslaw. I preferred the octopus escabeche at Parts & Labour compared to the octopus terrine here.

A friend had the duck confit with Perth County smoked bacon and a bean cassoulet. Duck confit is duck leg that’s deep fried slowly at a low temperature. A cassoulet is a stew or casserole that’s slow cooked.

Another friend had the grilled flat iron steak done medium rare with smoked onion puree, red wine jus and root vegetable pave. He felt that the gravy overwhelmed the steak.

Another friend got the grilled mackerel with charred rapini, roasted tomato, cannellini bean puree and a tomato vinaigrette. She thought that the mackerel was cooked well and that the meat was fall of the bone, so to speak.

I had the crispy skin arctic char with roasted cauliflower, du Puy lentils and pickled fennel. Arctic char is a fish and the taste and texture is similar to salmon. My arctic char had some undercooked to raw parts.
Arctic Char in Kitchener
The only other time I had arctic char was in Kitchener at Wildcraft for a friend’s birthday party back in 2012. I think I preferred that arctic char compared to the one at Quince since it had sweet, salty and sour elements as opposed to tasting elements of salty, kind of bland and a sour sweetness.

For dessert, two of my friends and I shared the butterscotch banana budino, pumpkin almond torta and chocolate bread pudding while another friend just got the butterscotch banana budino.The butterscotch banana budino is topped with whipped cream and sprinkled with toffee crunch. It’s the best dessert of the three.

The pumpkin almond torta is accompanied by spekulaas spice, creme anglaise and chantilly cream. It’s a tasty dessert that’s not too sweet.

The chocolate bread pudding with a berry compote and honey creme fraiche reminded me a chocolate lava cake but without the molten lava. My friend thought that the berry compote overwhelmed the chocolate bread pudding. Overall for dessert, the butterscotch banana budino is the tastiest followed by the pumpkin almond torta.

I also got B52 coffee while my friend had tea. B52 coffee is coffee mixed with several kinds sweet liqueurs.

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Jeon Ju Hyang (Part II)

My friends and I decided to have lunch at Jeon Ju. I decided to get a combo. I got the mackerel and kimchi chi gae ($9.99). Another friend had the mackerel and soon tofu combo ($8.99) instead. It comes with a bowl of white rice and numerous side dishes. I was only able to finish eating the mackerel and a spoonful of the kimchi chi gae.

Kimchi served at Ju J Hyang

Kimchi served at Jeon Ju Hyang

The kimchi chi gae has 3 slices of tofu, enoki mushroom, green onions, kimchi, slices of pork, rice cakes and the fat, clear noodles.



The mackerel is grilled Korean style. It is served on a sizzling plate and garnished with a lemon wedge and a sprinkle of green onions. The mackerel I had had lots of bones in it while the mackerel my friend had had no bones.


Overall, the mackerel and soup combo tastes yummy at a decent price.

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Izakaya Tsuki

Some of my university friends and I went to eat dinner at Izakaya Tsuki afew weeks ago. Izakaya Tsuki is part of the building that houses Asian Legend, Tea Shop and a furniture store on Yonge Street near North York Civic Center. Izakaya Tsuki looks small from the outside but it’s quite spacious once you’re inside. The tables are mostly separated from each other by partitions which could be nice to have the illusion of privacy. The lighting is on the dim side. My friends arrived before me so when I got there, they already ordered some dishes. My friends ordered the buttered squid ($8) and Saba no Shio Yaki ($8). The buttered squid is squid grilled with butter and soy sauce. It’s delicious. My friends loved it. Saba no shio yaki is Mackerel grilled with salt. My friend enjoyed it. One friend and I split the Tako Wasabi ($4). I also got the Summer Night ($19.95) while another friend had the Mikazuki ($23) and two other friends split the Hangetsu ($35).


Tako Wasabi is octopus with chopped wasabi stem on a bed of sliced onion. I thought it would be similar to takoyaki but with wasabi inside so imagine my surprise when it came to our table and looked nothing like takoyaki. You have to pick up a piece of seaweed and then put the octopus, onions and sauce on the seaweed, wrap it up like you’re making sushi and eat it in one bite. The wasabi wasn’t overwhelming and overall the dish is interesting.


Summer Night has the option of including Kirin or Asahi beer ($29.50). I chose to not include beer since I had to drive. Summer Night is comprised of 5 pieces of takoyaki, 4 pieces of ebi fry, 3 pieces of korokke and kaki fry. Takoyaki ($7) is puffed octopus ball served with tonkatsu sauce and garnished with bonito flakes. Aside from tempura, takoyaki is one of my favourite deep fried Japanese appetizers/foods. Ebi fry ($8) is deep fried shrimp battered with bread crumbs. It’s delicious and while it reminds me of shrimp tempura, I prefer this version over the shrimp tempera found at other Japanese restaurants. Korokke is deep fried potato cakes coated with panko. Panko is Japanese-style breadcrumbs. Korokke is similar to croquette. Kaki fry ($8) is deep fried oyster served with Japanese tartar and salad. It’s delicious. When I ordered the dish, I thought I’d have some room for dessert however when it came to the table I was slightly surprised at how large it was and how filling it is.

sashimi for Hangetsu Combo

sashimi for Hangetsu Combo

Sashimi for Mikazuki Combo

Sashimi for Mikazuki Combo

Sushi and Maki for Mikazuki Combo

Sushi and Maki for Mikazuki Combo

Sushi and Maki for Hangetsu Combo

Sushi and Maki for Hangetsu Combo


Mikazuki is a small sushi and sashimi combo while Hangetsu is a medium sushi and sashimi combo. Mikazuki includes 15pc sashimi, 12pc sushi and maki while Hangetsu comprises of 21pc sashimi, 18pc sushi and maki. The sushi and sashimi are fresh and my friends enjoyed it. One friend commented that the Hangetsu should have different kinds of sushi that isn’t similar to the sashimi since she was getting tired of eating the same thing.

I was too full from my meal  so I didn’t order dessert. I wanted to try their taro ice cream ($3). There’s always a next time.

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Winterlicious: Cafe Boulud

My elementary school friend and I decided to go to Cafe Boulud for dinner this past Wednesday. At first we were going to go to Nota Bene but my friend’s colleagues were raving about Cafe Boulud so we decided to change the restaurant. Cafe Boulud is located on the second floor of the Four Seasons Hotel at Bay and Yorkville. It’s very fancy so dress appropriately. We had reservations at 7:45pm however the restaurant was running late so we had to wait for a table.


We were given a bread basket with butter when we sat down. My friend liked the bread whereas I wasn’t a fan of it. I much prefer the bread at bb33 bistro and brasserie. My friend and I both ordered the Seared Albacore Tuna for the appetizer and the Caramelized Pear Sundae for dessert. My friend had the Grilled Mackerel while I got the Roasted Lamb Shoulder.


While we were waiting for our food, we were given caviar on top of yogurt and shrimp cracker which were compliments of the chef. My friend didn’t like it while I thought it was alright.


The seared albacore tuna includes iceberg lettuce, citrus confit, blood orange, and buddha’s hand. It was delicious. My friend liked how the appetizer has sweet accents to it.


The grilled mackerel has wheat berries, smoked paprika and mussel escabeche. The mussel escabeche was quite tasty. My friend thought it was slightly salty albeit delicious.


The roasted lamb shoulder also has pommes boulanger, heirloom carrot, and parsley root in natural jus. I found it abit too salty for my tastes. While it was quite tasty, I ate it with bread to help dilute the saltiness.


The caramelized pear sundae includes anise tuile, caramel sauce, whipped cream and calvados ice cream. Calvados is an apple brandy from Normandy. My friend was debating between the Chocolate Gateaux and the pear sundae while I was debating between the pear sundae and the Coffee & Cardamom Sundae. Our server said that we couldn’t go wrong with any of the desserts. My friend went with the pear sundae when the server said that the cake was rectangular and the portion was small. The people at the table next to us had the chocolate cake and coffee & cardamom sundae. The chocolate cake is a similar size to the single serving mini-cakes found at a grocery store’s bakery. The chocolate cake comes with a scoop of pecan bourbon ice cream. The coffee & cardamom sundae looked like a combination of chocolate and coffee. It made me wish that I could order two desserts rather than having to make a choice.

Overall, while Cafe Boulud is pricy at $45 + tax and tip for a Winterlicious dinner; it’s worth it for the dessert and appetizer.

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