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Rotisserie Romados

I decided to have dinner at Rotisserie Romados because they’re famous for their rotisserie chicken. When I got there, I was slightly surprised since I was expecting it to be like a restaurant rather than a fast food place. There are afew tables for people to eat there however it’s more of a order your food and eat it elsewhere type of restaurant. So first you would line up to place your order then they would make your order and you’d get it and line up again at the cash register to pay for your meal.┬áThere was a fairly long line up when I arrived. I got the 1/4 chicken thigh with fries and salad ($7.75 including tax). The other options include the whole chicken, 1/2 chicken, 1/4 chicken breast with salad and fries and poutine.┬áTheir food is served in Styrofoam containers no matter if you’re dining there or not.


The 1/4 chicken thigh with salad and fries is alot of food. I only ate the thigh and salad there and I saved the fries for tomorrow’s lunch. The chicken thigh was tender and juicy. It was seasoned with peppercorn and I got the spicy sauce. The chicken thigh also has skin on it which can be slightly fatty. The salad at Rotisserie Romados is not as good as the salad at Depanneur Le Pick Up. The salad at Rotisserie Romados is raw onion, lettuce and 1 tomato slice. The fries were surprisingly good still the next day, they were kind of spicy which was nice. Overall, I would recommend this place if you’re in the area and have a craving for chicken.



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