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l’avenue (Part II)

My university friend and I went to eat brunch at l’avenue due to my raving about it. We waited in line for a long while. Unlike last time, there wasn’t a DJ spinning tunes.  The menu had changed slightly since November. My friend had the arc en ciel eggs benedict ($14.68) while I got the tout l’monde à poële eggs benedict ($14.94). The fruit skewer had a slice of grapefruit, watermelon and pineapple and a piece of cantalope, strawberry and honeydew.



The arc en ciel eggs benedict consists of potatoes, an English muffin, 2 poached Omega 3 eggs, smoked salmon, cream cheese and capers and hollandaise sauce. My friend enjoyed it.


The tout l’monde à poële eggs benedict consists of an English muffin, potatoes, 2 poached Omega 3 eggs, bacon, garlic confit, arugula, cream reduction, sauteed wild mushrooms and hollandaise sauce. There were different kinds of mushrooms and the eggs weren’t very runny. Overall, it was quite scrumptious.

l’avenue is worth the wait for its eggs benedicts.

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My foodie friend in Montreal emphasized that I should have brunch at l’Avenue before I leave Montreal so on Sunday I went to l’Avenue and lined up for nearly an hour for a table. The decor is funky and there is a DJ spinning tunes. The washrooms are very interesting. The servers are also very nice and helpful. If you can’t read French, a word of warning, their menus are only in French. They don’t have any English menus at this particular restaurant. You’re provided with a complementary skewer of fresh fruit slices. You get a slice of watermelon and pineapple. You get a wedge of orange, cantaloupe and honeydew. You also get a whole strawberry. The fruit slices helps with the meal, especially if you order any of their eggs Benedict.


I ordered the Benedict Berceau ($16.49 including tax). The Benedict Berceau consists of 2 Omega 3 poached eggs, sauteed pieces of chicken, onions, red peppers, potatoes, english muffin and hollandaise sauce with ketchup and mayo on the side. It was scrumptiously delicious! The portions were huge, I finished 75% of the eggs, chicken, onions, and red peppers and half of an english muffin and I was quite full. I didn’t expect myself to be full only halfway through my meal since I was very hungry while waiting in line. I was in awe of the couple beside me who each ordered an eggs Benedict plate and split a crepe.


I would definitely come back here again for brunch when I’m in Montreal.

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