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Depanneur Le Pick Up

I decided to go to Depanneur Le Pick Up for brunch before heading to Jean Talon Market and touring Little Italy and making my way to Mile End and Little Lisbon. Depanneur Le Pick Up is on a residential street, if you didn’t know where to go, you’d almost miss it. It’s very unassuming. Inside it’s a convenience store and a diner. There’s afew tables and a bar where you face the grill. They serve water in a Perrier bottle. The people who work there are all very nice and friendly people.


I ordered their daily special, Madame Croque ($8.25) and a moccachino ($2.85). Madame Croque is comprised of ham, gruyere cheese and bechamel sauce with an egg on toasted bread and a small green salad. Bechamel sauce is white sauce so it’s made with butter, flour and milk. It was delicious. The portions were large, at least it was larger than I expected. The eggs were sunny side up so they were runny which is the way I prefer my eggs in a sandwich. I felt that the cheese was decoration rather than a substantial part of the dish. The bread was perfectly toasted and had a nice crunch to it. The salad was nice. The ingredients were fresh and crisp unlike the pre-made store-bought salads from grocery stores. I really enjoyed the dish.


The Moccachino was dark with a hint of chocolate. It was very nice. Overall, if you’re in the area, I would definitely recommend this place for brunch.


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