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Depanneur Le Pick Up

I decided to go to Depanneur Le Pick Up for brunch before heading to Jean Talon Market and touring Little Italy and making my way to Mile End and Little Lisbon. Depanneur Le Pick Up is on a residential street, if you didn’t know where to go, you’d almost miss it. It’s very unassuming. Inside it’s a convenience store and a diner. There’s afew tables and a bar where you face the grill. They serve water in a Perrier bottle. The people who work there are all very nice and friendly people.


I ordered their daily special, Madame Croque ($8.25) and a moccachino ($2.85). Madame Croque is comprised of ham, gruyere cheese and bechamel sauce with an egg on toasted bread and a small green salad. Bechamel sauce is white sauce so it’s made with butter, flour and milk. It was delicious. The portions were large, at least it was larger than I expected. The eggs were sunny side up so they were runny which is the way I prefer my eggs in a sandwich. I felt that the cheese was decoration rather than a substantial part of the dish. The bread was perfectly toasted and had a nice crunch to it. The salad was nice. The ingredients were fresh and crisp unlike the pre-made store-bought salads from grocery stores. I really enjoyed the dish.


The Moccachino was dark with a hint of chocolate. It was very nice. Overall, if you’re in the area, I would definitely recommend this place for brunch.


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My foodie friend in Montreal emphasized that I should have brunch at l’Avenue before I leave Montreal so on Sunday I went to l’Avenue and lined up for nearly an hour for a table. The decor is funky and there is a DJ spinning tunes. The washrooms are very interesting. The servers are also very nice and helpful. If you can’t read French, a word of warning, their menus are only in French. They don’t have any English menus at this particular restaurant. You’re provided with a complementary skewer of fresh fruit slices. You get a slice of watermelon and pineapple. You get a wedge of orange, cantaloupe and honeydew. You also get a whole strawberry. The fruit slices helps with the meal, especially if you order any of their eggs Benedict.


I ordered the Benedict Berceau ($16.49 including tax). The Benedict Berceau consists of 2 Omega 3 poached eggs, sauteed pieces of chicken, onions, red peppers, potatoes, english muffin and hollandaise sauce with ketchup and mayo on the side. It was scrumptiously delicious! The portions were huge, I finished 75% of the eggs, chicken, onions, and red peppers and half of an english muffin and I was quite full. I didn’t expect myself to be full only halfway through my meal since I was very hungry while waiting in line. I was in awe of the couple beside me who each ordered an eggs Benedict plate and split a crepe.


I would definitely come back here again for brunch when I’m in Montreal.

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Olive + Gourmando

My foodie friend in Montreal recommended me to come here for their Cubain panini. The Cubain panini consists of pancetta, roasted pork, raw milk gruyere, lime, cilantro, chipotle and pickle mayonnaise. Unfortunately, when I went to olive + gourmando, they wouldn’t serve the Cubain panini to me because it’s on their lunch menu and they were only serving their breakfast menu.


I was in Montreal for the Action de Grace long weekend and olive + gourmando was only open on Saturdays during my trip and I had gone there for breakfast on Saturday since I had a target of a different restaurant per meal in Montreal. The servers at olive + gourmando were very nice, helpful and welcoming. The decor there is very rustic and reminds me of a cafe. They serve you water in a wine or olive oil bottle.



I had the “Poached egg on your face” Panini ($13.74 including tax) which consists of spicy poached eggs with sriracha and herbs, comte cheese, speck pork and roasted tomatoes. It was delicious. It was cheesy and slightly spicy. The egg was cooked perfectly. Speck pork is bacon which just complements the egg and cheese. The bread was the perfect amount of crunchy.

"Poached Egg On Your Face" Panini

“Poached Egg On Your Face” Panini

You have to line up by the cash register to pay the bill. By the cash register is a large display of their pastries which include croissants, brioche, muffins and scones. The next time I come back to Montreal, I would definitely come back here for lunch and try their Cubain panini.


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My friends and I went to Cora’s for brunch several times back when we were in second and third year of university. Mel’s wasn’t rebuilt yet back then. At my last visit to Cora’s, I went with one of my Computer Science friends and a few of my Engineering friends.

Nothing like brunch with friends!

Nothing like brunch with friends!

I ordered the Raspberry 4 Lucie crepe and a fruit cocktail. Raspberry 4 Lucie is a crepe filled with cream cheese and  raspberries which is topped with English cream, honey and raspberry coulis. Two of my Enginnering friends decided to split 2 dishes so they could have more variety. One of the dishes was Raspberry 4 Lucie. I liked the Raspberry 4 Lucie although it could be improved if they mixed the cream cheese and raspberries more so that it’s evenly spread throughout the crepe’s filling. I would have also appreciated the crepe more if there was more English cream and honey on top of the crepe. One Engineering friend also liked the Raspberry 4 Lucie because her portion of the crepe was predominantly filled with raspberries so she like the filling ratio of raspberry to cream cheese. The other Engineering friend didn’t like it because the filling was mostly cream cheese for her portion of the crepe.

Raspberry 4 Lucie

Raspberry 4 Lucie

Cora’s is nice for brunch albeit slightly pricey on a student budget.

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Mel’s Diner

I’ve been to Mel’s twice in a span of two months back in March and April. The first time I went with a friend to get a takeaway late night dinner since you get 10% off if it’s takeaway. The second time I went with two friends for brunch.

Mel's Favourite

Mel’s Favourite

Classic French Toast

Classic French Toast

The first time I got Mel’s Favourite ($7.10). Mel’s Favourite has 2 eggs, sausage, rye toast and home fries. It’s filling but not worth the price.  My friend got the Classic French Toast ($7.10). The second time I got the French Skillet ($11.49). The French Skillet contains home fries, grilled onions, green peppers, chicken, swiss cheese and hollandaise sauce along with rye bread and scrambled eggs. Another friend of mine recommended this dish to me and I liked it. The hollandaise sauce makes the dish. My two other friends ordered the Apple Cinnamon Waffle ($7.99) and Big Mel ($7.99). The Big Mel has 3 pancakes or french toast with 2 eggs and my friend chose to have bacon with it.

Top left: Apple Cinnamon Waffle Top right: Big Mel Bottom: French Skillet

Top left: Apple Cinnamon Waffle
Top right: Big Mel
Bottom: French Skillet

If you want brunch close to the University of Waterloo or if you’re searching for a late night meal then Mel’s Diner is alright.

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Seven Shores

For my celebratory lunch a few weeks ago, my friends and I went to Seven Shores located in Uptown Waterloo. It’s a quaint quiet place.

Chai Latte

Chai Latte

I ordered the chai latte, roasted asparagus and peppers soup and roasted red pepper Tramezzino. I didn’t really taste the asparagus or peppers in the soup. In fact, it tasted more like squash soup. The chai latte was nice. I really liked the roasted red pepper Tramezzino. The roasted red pepper Tramezzino is red pepper pesto, roasted red peppers, sautéed onions, avocado, spinach, and goat cheese on rye bread. It was very delicious. The goat cheese basically melted into the rest of the sandwich. The combination of spinach, sautéed onions and roasted red peppers is great. I would have liked more avacado. The rye bread was perfectly grilled.

Roasted Red Pepper Trazz

Roasted Red Pepper Tramezzino and Roasted Asparagus and Peppers Soup

One of my friends had the Momma Mia Greek Salad. The Momma Mia Greek Salad has romaine lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, olives, onions, red peppers, dill and feta cheese with a homemade Greek dressing. She liked it.

Momma Mia Greek Salad

Momma Mia Greek Salad

One of my friends had the Tuscan Garden Salad. The Tuscan Garden Salad has mixed greens, caramelized almonds, cranberries, strawberries, cucumbers and grape tomatoes with a homemade raspberry vinaigrette dressing. She liked it.


Tuscan Garden Salad

Another of my friends had the Miso-Sesame Tempeh wrap with quinoa salad. The Miso-Sesame Tempeh wrap is marinated tempeh in sesame oil with shredded carrots, avocado, mixed greens and a miso-sesame sauce in a wrap. She liked it. She would rather the salad had more quinoa though.

Tempah Miso Wrap

Miso-Sesame Tempeh Wrap with Quinoa Salad

Another friend had the Supreme Bean wrap with quinoa salad. The Supreme Bean wrap is chickpeas mixed with almond and tahini butter, spices, topped with cucumber, a drizzle of local honey stuffed in a wrap and slightly grilled. He liked it.

Wrap with Quinoa Salad

Supreme Bean Wrap with Quinoa Salad

Another friend had the Wild Western and orange juice. The Wild Western has 2 eggs with red pepper, onions, ham,

topped with old Cheddar cheese between bread and it comes with a side of fruit.  He liked it.

Wild Western

Wild Western

Overall, if you’re looking for relatively cheap and sustainable breakfast, lunch or even an early dinner then this is a good place to go at Uptown Waterloo.

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