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Winterlicious: Banu

Another university friend and I decided to have a late dinner at Banu this past Saturday. My friend wanted to try an exotic cuisine and I had suggested Iranian cuisine. I’ve been to Banu before and it was for Summerlicious. Winterlicious dinner is $25 + tax and tip.



My friend and I both got the Kashk o Bademjan for the appetizer. Kashk o Bademjan is roasted eggplant, turmeric, caramelized onion, fried mint, and whey paste that’s eaten with nigella seed barbari bread. It reminded me of the Mirza Ghasemi appetizer I had for Summerlicious. It was quite delicious.



My friend had the Koobideh, on my recommendation through my Summerlicious experience. She loved it. Koobideh is two skewers of ground angus sirloin with roasted tomato, fresh basil, yoghurt, mint and tarragon that is eaten with lawash bread.



I wanted to try something different so I had the Morgh. The Morgh is chicken breast with a saffron citrus glaze, roasted tomatoes, fresh basil and yoghurt that is eaten with lawash bread. The Morgh and Koobideh are eaten in the same way, you rip a piece of lawash bread and put the meat, a piece of roasted tomatoes, some basil, spices and yoghurt in the bread and you wrap it up like a pita and you eat it. While the Morgh was good, I think I still prefer the Koobideh just because of how the beef tastes.



My friend ordered the almond baklava cake on our server’s recommendation. At first I thought it would be like the Greek baklava desserts however it’s quite different. The almond baklava cake is a dense almond cake with rose water and pistachio flavours. It’s quite delicious.



I had the Soma Chocolate plate. The Soma Chocolate is a piece of dark chocolate with nougat, sumach and barberry. It was good but I wasn’t completely impressed with the portion size. Overall, I recommend Banu if you want to try Iranian or Middle Eastern cuisine or just something exotic in general in Downtown Toronto.

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