Lady M

I went to the Plaza Food Hall boutique to try mille feuille. The selection at the Plaza Food Hall compared to the menu online is only a fraction of the offerings. Originally I had wanted to try afew of the following: green tea mille crepe, citron/lemon mille crepe, coconut mille crepe, chocolate banana mille crepe and the marron/chestnut mille crepe. The chocolate banana mille crepe is only available at the Plaza Food Hall location.
Chocolate Cakes
original Mille Crepe
Strawberry Shortcake
The selection at the Plaza Food Hall when I was lining up consisted of the following: original mille crepe, green tea mille crepe, chocolate banana mille crepe, strawberry mille crepe, checkers, flourless chocolate cake, chocolate cake, chestnut cake, mimosa, strawberry shortcake and cheesecake. While I was lining up in the early afternoon, they ran out of green tea mille crepe cake. Each slice of cake is $8 USD.

Chestnut Cake
I got the chocolate banana mille crepe, chestnut cake and mimosa. I had initially thought that the chestnut cake was the chestnut mille crepe. The signs for the cakes at Lady M are in a way misleading since it only states the flavour such as marron, cheese, etc. rather than specifying whether it’s a cake or a mille crepe as well. The chestnut cake is an almond flour cake covered in chestnut-infused cream with a whipped cream center and topped with roasted walnuts and snow sugar. It was good even though it wasn’t what I thought I ordered. The chestnut mille crepe that I would have preferred to try is layers of crepes with chestnut-infused pastry cream in between the crepes and topped with powdered sugar.
Chocolate Banana Mille Crepe
The chocolate banana mille crepe is layers of chocolate lacy edged crepes with banana-infused pastry cream in between the crepes. It was good although it was abit hard to cut into bite sized pieces with only a fork.
I got the slice of Mimosa cake as a lark because of how pretty it looked in the display case. It’s a vanilla sponge cake with the top and edges comprised of cubes and filled with vanilla custard. The custard was delicious and overall it was a tasty sponge cake.

If you’re a fan of mille crepes, cakes and dessert then you should try Lady M.

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Max Brenner

I had watched the Food Network Valentine special called Outrageous Chocolate. It featured Max Brenner and I was interested in trying their chocolate pasta and chocolate pizza.

I went to Max Brenner for dinner after watching the Spring Spectacular. It’s easier to sit at the bar rather than getting a table.

Unfortunately when I sat down at the bar and looked at the menu, I realized that the chocolate pasta was no more since it was a winter special and they started their spring special. It seems like chocolate pasta and I aren’t fated since I went to MoRoCo Chocolat to try their chocolate pasta on their Summerlicious 2014 menu and that was also a bust. In the end, I ordered the works half-sized chocolate chunks pizza ($9.95 USD + tax) and the halva milkshake ($7.95 USD + tax).

The halva milkshake came first. The halva milkshake is a creamy sesame seed tahini paste that’s blended with honey, vanilla ice cream, toffee and milk chocolate ganache and topped with whipped cream and shaved coconut. It was definitely a creamy sesame tahini taste. The coconut compliments it. It’s served in an Alice in Wonderland cup and it’s a sweet, whimsical concoction.

The works half-sized chocolate chunk pizza didn’t live up to my expectations. It’s comprised of melted milk and white chocolate chunks with marshmallows, bananas, melted peanut butter and hazelnut bits. The marshmallows could have been toasted and roasted and at the very least, have some that are melted on the pizza to create a melted mozzarella cheese effect. Instead it looked and tasted like marshmallows were liberally sprinkled on top of the pizza before it was served. I didn’t taste any of the hazelnut bits. The chocolate chunks themselves were just drizzles. There weren’t any chunks of chocolate on the pizza. The pizza crust itself was like a deep dish pizza crust and it was extremely doughy. I would have preferred a thin crust pizza. Overall, I don’t recommend getting a chocolate pizza here.

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Bang Bang Ice Cream Part II

After dinner at Borealia, my friends and I decided to get dessert at Bang Bang. One friend had the half ice cream sandwich ($4.40 + tax) while I got the ice cream puff ($5 + tax) and my other friend had the Hong Kong waffle ($8 + tax).

Left: Chesnut Matcha Ice Cream Right: Ginger Milk Ice Cream
I got the matcha chestnut cream puff with chestnut and matcha drizzle ice cream and ginger milk ice cream. It was a heavenly combination although at times the intensity of the ginger milk ice cream overwhelmed the matcha chestnut ice cream puff.

My friend got the rocky road kill and mofo fudge ice cream sandwiched between a rococoa cookie. The RoCocoa cookie is made with maldon salt, cocoa brut and 70% callebaut chocolate. It looked like chocolate heaven to me. My friend liked the rocky road kill ice cream more than the mocha fudge ice cream.

My other friend got the London fog and burnt toffee ice cream in a Hong Kong waffle. He liked the London fog and burnt toffee ice cream combination. My friend prefers the ice cream sandwich over the ice cream waffle crepe.

Similar to Kekou Gelato, they have a loyalty card wherein if you get 10 stamps, you get a free half ice cream sandwich. You’ll need to request their loyalty card since they don’t ask if you have one when you pay for your order unlike at Kekou Gelato.

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Bang Bang Ice Cream

My friends and I decided to have dinner on the Ossington strip after skating at the Evergreen Brickworks however the restaurant we wanted to go to was operating under a Valentine’s day set menu with reservations only so we decided to initially go to Bang Bang Ice Cream to have an ice cream sandwich since we were already in the area. The bakery offers ice cream, 1/2 and full vegan and non-vegan ice cream sandwiches,vegan and non-vegan cookies, Hong Kong waffles, ice cream puffs, coffees and teas. The 1/2 ice cream sandwich lets you incorporate up to 2 ice cream flavours while the full ice cream sandwich lets you incorporate up to 4 ice cream flavours. My friends and I got the 1/2 ice cream sandwich ($4.97 including tax).

I had the london fog ice cream (ice cream on the right side in the above pictures) and hazelnut ice cream (ice cream on the left side in the above pictures) between a RoCocoa cookie. The Rococoa cookie is a chocolate cookie with salt sprinkled on the top. It was a tasty combination. I’m hoping that the next time I come they’ll have the green tea cream puff. If you are in the neighbourhood, I recommend this place for dessert or a snack.

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The Rolling Pin

The Rolling Pin is a tiny bakery&cafe near the Loblaws between York Mills and Lawrence on Yonge. They sell cakes, pies, gourmet donuts, macarons and other baked goods. I had pre-ordered the Pecan Caramel Pumpkin Pie ($22). It comprises of a Graham crust, salted caramel, caramel drizzle, pumpkin filling, pecans and lots of whipped cream.


On the whole, the pie is good however I didn’t like the fact that the pumpkin filling is very minimal and there’s a large layer of whipped cream.

Initially when I first read pecan caramel pumpkin pie on their website I imagined combining pumpkin pie and pecan pie together. I didn’t think there would be so much whipped cream and the pecans would just be sprinkled on top of the whipped cream around the edges of the pie. I also didn’t think that the pumpkin filling would be a thin layer as opposed to the thick layer of pumpkin filling I am accustomed to for a regular pumpkin pie. Overall, I had different expectations of what the pie was suppose to be as opposed to how it actually turned out.

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Caffe Demetre

My university friends and I decided to have dessert here since a friend hadn’t been here before. I’ve been here several times and only to the Richmond Hill location on Hwy 7. I normally get crepes because I’m a huge fan of crepes. Caffe Demetre specializes in dessert and specifically crepes, waffles, cakes and ice creams. The menu changed between the last two times I went. The menu was the how I remembered it back in April 2014 and it was completely reconfigured in late August. The crepe selection was different, the ice cream selection looked different and the names changed to more current pop culture references. I find that if you go in the afternoon, barely anyone is there and my friends and I were able to get the whole restaurant to ourselves for afew hours and the other customers chose to sit out on the patio so we continued to enjoy having a restaurant to ourselves. In the evenings (no matter if it’s a weekday or a weekend), it’s much busier and you may have to wait for seats.


I had the DIY sundae ($11.58 + tip) because I felt too full for crepes. I chose the DIY Sundae with 2 scoops of ice cream and 3 toppings. I got the Xocolātl Roché ice cream, Cocoa Chanel ice cream, caramelized bananas, oven-baked apple crisps and spicy sweet candied peanuts with whipped cream, Morello cherry and a slice of waffle biscuit. The Xocolātl Roché consists of Belgian dark chocolate ice cream combined with pure hazelnut and mixed with Hazelnut Praliné Croquant & Belgian Dark Chocolate Crackle while the Cocoa Chanel ice cream is made of French dark chocolate with a mélange of meringue, Oreo pieces and brownies. I was in chocolate heaven that was accompanied by delectable toppings.


One friend had apple cider. The drink is called Incider Information ($2.75). Initially my friend was thinking of getting the Cider House Rules ($3.75) but decided to be more healthy. Incider Information is just apple cider with a cinnamon stick while Cider House Rules is apple cider with caramel & cinnamon flavour shots, whipped cream, Caramel Anglaise drizzle and Cinnamon.


Another friend took my recommendation to get a crepe. She got the Chewbaclava crepe ($12.75 + tax & tip). The Chewbaclava crepe consists of Sweet Baklava ice cream with Baklava bits, Quebec maple syrup, whipped cream and cinnamon streusel. She didn’t like the baklava bits but otherwise she liked the crepe.


Two other friends got cakes. One got the Cocoa Ono ($10.50 + tax & tip). The Cocoa Ono cake consists of a Chocolate Fudge Cake that’s slightly heated with Honey Madagascar Vanilla ice cream, Belgian dark chocolate sauce and it’s dusted with icing sugar. She enjoyed it.


The other got the Mousse Almighty ($10.75 + tax & tip). The Mousse Almighty cake consists of a Chocolate Mousse Cheesecake with chocolate ice cream, strawberries, Belgian dark chocolate sauce and it’s dusted with icing sugar. He enjoyed it.

When I’m craving Western dessert, specifically crepes, my go-to place is Cafe Demetre.

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Symposium Cafe

The first time I went to Symposium Cafe is in Waterloo so I was pleasantly surprised to find a branch in North York. My high school friends decided to try this cafe after hearing about me reminiscing the Waterloo location. The North York location is much smaller compared to the Waterloo location. Th Waterloo location has a much more extensive cake selection as well. What I like about Symposium Cafe is their Sunday special which is 2 cakes for the price of 1 and they have a fairly extensive drink selection.

Baileys Cheesecake

Baileys Cheesecake

We decided to split the Bailey’s Cheesecake ($7.95) and the Fudge Brownie Cheesecake ($7.95) while another friend got the Rockslide Brownie ($5.25).

Fudge Cheesecake

Fudge Cheesecake

The Bailey’s Cheesecake is quite good. The Fudge Brownie Cheesecake is very chocolatey. Both are quite sweet. My friend enjoyed the Rockslide Brownie.

Rockslide Brownie

Rockslide Brownie

Symposium is definitely a nice restaurant for a romantic date or just hanging out with friends however it can be pricey.

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Chilling at Harbourfront: Indian Roti House and Lick It Gelato


Lamb Curry Roti


Eggplant and Potato Roti

I met up with my friend and we had dinner at Indian Roti House during the Civic holiday. I got the Lamb curry roti ($10 including tax). It’s quite delicious. The lamb wasn’t fatty much and quite tender. The curry wasn’t saucy which my friend said isn’t normally the case. I had it medium spicy and it had a nice kick to it. My friend got the eggplant and potato roti for $10 including tax. She enjoyed it. This restaurant doesn’t accept credit cards, it only accepts cash and debit card. I was lucky that my friend warned me in advance so I could ensure I had cash in my wallet. If you’re at Harbourfront and craving a roti or Indian food then you could check out this restaurant.


We then walked to Lick It Gelato. They had pink grapefruit, honey lavender, basil lemon flavours, among others. They also offered blood orange and earl grey tea in the past. Those flavours weren’t available this time around. My friend got a cup of pink grapefruit.

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Dessert adventures in downtown Toronto: Kekou Gelato

wpid-img_20140804_170008.jpg wpid-img_20140920_180606.jpg

Kekou Gelato is at 13 Baldwin St at Baldwin Village. It serves gelato with Asian flavours. It’s like I flew on a plane to Hong Kong or Singapore and went to an ice cream or gelato shop. The flavours include HK milk tea, pandan, soursop, peanut sesame, durian, Vietnamese coffee, Thai iced tea, whiskey green tea, white chocolate red bean, among other flavours. Everything is made with real ingredients. Kekou has a stamp card wherein if you get 9 scoops/cones/cups you’ll get a small cone or cup for free on your tenth scoop. I got a 2 scoop ice cream cone for $5.03 including tax. The first time I went I had the durian and Thai Iced Tea in a seaweed cone. The second time I went I got the whiskey green tea and ginger dark chocolate sorbet in a seaweed cone. If you’re interested in trying Asian flavour gelatos then this is the place to go to.

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Dessert adventures in downtown Toronto: Sweet Olenka’s

wpid-img_20140804_161243.jpgSweet Olenka’s is west of Ossington on Queen St W. They have a large variety of ice cream flavours and chocolate covered ice cream bars. They also have baked goods and macarons. I tried the miso jellyfish, pomegranate green tea, malt milk chocolate, drunken kitty, and cardamom vanilla ice cream flavours before getting a 3 kid scoop ice cream cone ($6.78 including tax). I got the drunken kitty, cardamom vanilla and miso jellyfish. Cardamom vanilla is a nice take on vanilla, the cardamom gives the vanilla a nice kick. Miso jellyfish is actually quite nice, it’s not fishy smelling like you’d first think when you hear the flavour name and it’s quite mild in terms of taste as to what you’d think it would taste like. The jellyfish gives it an interesting texture. They also have pistachio ($1 extra), creme brulée, rocky road, chocolate key lime, among many other flavours. So while they offer interesting, crazy flavours, there’s also the regular flavours of ice cream available at Sweet Olenka’s. I would definitely come back when I’m wandering around the west part of downtown.

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