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Kiko (Part II)

My friends and I were debating where to eat an early dinner after playing sports afew weeks ago. We decided to go to Kiko. When we got there, it was still their Afternoon Tea time special. I ordered their laksa ($10 includes tax & tip).


Their laksa is one of the few authentic laksas I’ve eaten outside of South East Asia. The other authentic laksa is from One 2 Snacks. The laksa at Kiko’s comprises of two types of noodles, shrimp, chicken, beansprouts and tofu puff/tofu pok/tau pok in a curry soup. Their laksa dish comes with a drink. I got the Hong Kong style milk tea. I’m looking forward to another future visit.

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Top Saigon

This past Sunday my friends and I went to Top Saigon at the Finch-Leslie Plaza for lunch. The decor reminds me of a Hong Kong style cafe and the lighting is quite bright. My friend said that it was a Thai-Viet restaurant but to me it had a more Chinese or Hong Kong cafe feel to it. Most of my friends ordered a curry dish. Their curry options include curry lamb and curry duck.


I had a small Curry Chicken Noodles in Soup ($6.25). The dish is potatoes, chicken and noodles in a curry soup broth with onions as garnishing. The curry is really good although I would have preferred the chicken to be deboned. Their quality of potatoes could be better but their chicken is quite good. The portions are quite large since I wasn’t able to finish the small portion. Overall, this is a good restaurant to try if you’re in the area and craving curry.

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Made In China

This past Sunday my friends and I went to Made in China for lunch. Despite the restaurant name, they also serve ramen, hot pot and Korean food. The Chinese food they serve is mostly from Southern China. The decor at the place is quite modern and the lighting is fairly bright. The service is quite prompt especially since we were a group of nearly 16 people.

Hainanese Chicken Rice that I got on Apr. 27

Hainanese Chicken Rice that I got on Apr. 27, 2014

My friend got their Hainanese Chicken Rice and it’s the most authentic looking Hainanese Chicken Rice I’ve seen so far in Toronto. It actually has the black sauce, hot sauce and ginger sauce. The rice also looks like it’s been cooked in the chicken fat to give it flavour.


I ordered the beef sizzling platter ($6.99). The beef sizzling platter includes kimchi, daikon, spicy fried tofu, a bowl of rice and a choice of iced prune juice or pop. The beef sizzling platter is beef with onions, leeks, carrots with some sesame seeds sprinkled on top and served on a sizzling hot plate. It’s very filling.

If you and your friends can’t decide what to eat then this is the restaurant for you with its variety of cuisine options!

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A bunch of my friends and I went to Kiko in mid-November for lunch on Sunday. It’s a fairly small Hong Kong Cafe (cha chaan teng).


I got the Baked Pork Chops Spaghetti in Portuguese Sauce and Hong Kong style milk tea ($7). It was quite good. The Baked Pork Chops gives you a choice of spaghetti or rice and a choice of sauce including Portuguese Sauce, Tomato Sauce and Tom Yum Sauce. You could choose between Hong Kong Style milk tea, coffee or “yin yeung” which is a mixture of coffee and tea.

A friend of mine had the Baked Pork Chops Spaghetti in Tom Yum Sauce. I was curious as to what the Tom Yum sauce tasted like so I had a spoonful of the sauce. I ended up liking the Tom Yum sauce more than the Portuguese sauce. The Tom Yum sauce was really nice. It was abit spicy and abit sour. The adventurous should order the baked dishes with tom yum sauce since this is the first Hong Kong style cafe I’ve been to that offers this option.

My friends and I also shared the Cubed French Toast. It’s cubed bread that reminds me of fried dough sticks or yu tiao but sweet rather than savoury.

Overall, I recommend this restaurant when you’re in Markham/Richmond Hill (near Highway 7 and Woodbine) and if you want a baked dish, try it with the Tom Yum sauce.

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