Lady M

I went to the Plaza Food Hall boutique to try mille feuille. The selection at the Plaza Food Hall compared to the menu online is only a fraction of the offerings. Originally I had wanted to try afew of the following: green tea mille crepe, citron/lemon mille crepe, coconut mille crepe, chocolate banana mille crepe and the marron/chestnut mille crepe. The chocolate banana mille crepe is only available at the Plaza Food Hall location.
Chocolate Cakes
original Mille Crepe
Strawberry Shortcake
The selection at the Plaza Food Hall when I was lining up consisted of the following: original mille crepe, green tea mille crepe, chocolate banana mille crepe, strawberry mille crepe, checkers, flourless chocolate cake, chocolate cake, chestnut cake, mimosa, strawberry shortcake and cheesecake. While I was lining up in the early afternoon, they ran out of green tea mille crepe cake. Each slice of cake is $8 USD.

Chestnut Cake
I got the chocolate banana mille crepe, chestnut cake and mimosa. I had initially thought that the chestnut cake was the chestnut mille crepe. The signs for the cakes at Lady M are in a way misleading since it only states the flavour such as marron, cheese, etc. rather than specifying whether it’s a cake or a mille crepe as well. The chestnut cake is an almond flour cake covered in chestnut-infused cream with a whipped cream center and topped with roasted walnuts and snow sugar. It was good even though it wasn’t what I thought I ordered. The chestnut mille crepe that I would have preferred to try is layers of crepes with chestnut-infused pastry cream in between the crepes and topped with powdered sugar.
Chocolate Banana Mille Crepe
The chocolate banana mille crepe is layers of chocolate lacy edged crepes with banana-infused pastry cream in between the crepes. It was good although it was abit hard to cut into bite sized pieces with only a fork.
I got the slice of Mimosa cake as a lark because of how pretty it looked in the display case. It’s a vanilla sponge cake with the top and edges comprised of cubes and filled with vanilla custard. The custard was delicious and overall it was a tasty sponge cake.

If you’re a fan of mille crepes, cakes and dessert then you should try Lady M.

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2 thoughts on “Lady M

  1. I love lady M!!! Yum yum

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