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South Asia Malaysian Cuisine

My friends and I had lunch here last month. The restaurant is small with modern decor and it’s at the same plaza as Magic Noodle. I’ve been here before for lunch and quite enjoyed their curry chicken with roti canai ($6.99). They also serve laksa here but I prefer the laksa at One 2 Snacks. This time I had the Malaysian curry fish roti canai ($7.99) and teh tarik.


I wasn’t impressed with their teh tarik. It’s not as creamy or smooth as it should be. It tasted more like overtly sweet Hong Kong style milk tea.


The fish curry roti canai was delicious. The fish was battered and deep fried and slightly salty for my tastes. The curry is delectable. The roti canai was crispy.

If you’re in Scarborough and craving roti canai with curry then this is a good restaurant.

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Magic Noodle

I decided to follow my friend’s recommendation and eat lunch here last month. The restaurant is cozy with modern decor and it was quite busy during a weekday lunch even though it’s at a plaza by the Midland/McNicoll intersection. They make their noodles in house and there are two kinds of noodles-pulled noodles and cut/sliced noodles. I ordered the sliced noodle with lamb ($9.05 with tax). It’s got chunks of lamb with green onions, 1 bok choi, afew goji berries and dates.


When my dish came, I noticed hair on my lamb and in the bowl of noodles and when I notified the waitress about this, she said that it’s normal. The waitress was reluctant to replace the dish with a new one.

cut/sliced noodles

cut/sliced noodles

I don’t recommend this restaurant because of the service.

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Shiso Tree

My friends and I decided to eat at Shiso Tree for lunch last month. Shiso Tree is in J-town and it’s a fusion Japanese Italian eatery. Tip is automatically allocated on the bill for large groups and large groups can’t do split bills. You also have to order from a special large group menu which excludes a number of pasta options that are available to smaller groups. The pasta is served with salad and garlic bread. The garlic bread comes with the pasta dish.

house salad served with pasta dishes

house salad served with pasta dishes

One friend got the Shrimp Cream of Corn ($12) which consists of cream of corn, sake, shrimp, nori and shiso.

shrimp okonomiyaki pasta with garlic bread

shrimp okonomiyaki pasta with garlic bread

Most of my friends decided to get the Shrimp Okonomiyaki pasta ($14) which consists of bacon, onions, Japanese mayo, bonito flakes, steak sauce, garlic dressed shrimp over spaghetti noodles. It’s considered a wafu pasta. They enjoyed it.

Cream of Corn Shrimp pasta with garlic bread

unagi don with garlic bread

Another friend got the Unagi-Don ($17) which consists of Japanese barbecued eel, shimeji mushrooms, cream teriyaki sauce, nori aka seaweed and shiso (minty herb). She liked it.

shoyu mushroom pasta with garlic bread

shoyu mushroom pasta with garlic bread

Another friend got the Shoyu Mushroom pasta ($11) which consists of enoki mushroom, king oyster mushroom, shimeji mushroom, Japanese soya sauce aka shoyu, nori and shiso. It’s also considered a wafu pasta. She enjoyed it.

wafu seafood spaghetti with garlic bread

wafu seafood spaghetti with garlic bread

I got the special which is the Wafu Seafood Spaghetti ($18). It consists of clams, shrimp and squid in shoyu & dashi sauce on top of spaghetti noodles and garnished with green onions, yuzu, nori and shiso. It was delicious and very filling.


I also decided to split the Okonomiyaki fries ($8) with 2 other friends. The Okonomiyaki fries is fries topped with Japanese mayo, bonito flakes, green onions and steak sauce. It’s quite delicious and it can easily be a meal on its own.

I recommend this restaurant if you’re looking to try Japanese-Italian pasta and Japanese inspired poutine. The next time I come, I want to try their desserts, especially the black sesame creme brulee.

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Symposium Cafe

The first time I went to Symposium Cafe is in Waterloo so I was pleasantly surprised to find a branch in North York. My high school friends decided to try this cafe after hearing about me reminiscing the Waterloo location. The North York location is much smaller compared to the Waterloo location. Th Waterloo location has a much more extensive cake selection as well. What I like about Symposium Cafe is their Sunday special which is 2 cakes for the price of 1 and they have a fairly extensive drink selection.

Baileys Cheesecake

Baileys Cheesecake

We decided to split the Bailey’s Cheesecake ($7.95) and the Fudge Brownie Cheesecake ($7.95) while another friend got the Rockslide Brownie ($5.25).

Fudge Cheesecake

Fudge Cheesecake

The Bailey’s Cheesecake is quite good. The Fudge Brownie Cheesecake is very chocolatey. Both are quite sweet. My friend enjoyed the Rockslide Brownie.

Rockslide Brownie

Rockslide Brownie

Symposium is definitely a nice restaurant for a romantic date or just hanging out with friends however it can be pricey.

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Buk Chang Dong Soon Tofu

My high school friends and I decided to eat at Buk Chang Dong Soon Tofu for dinner last month. We go to Buk Chang Dong for soon tofu similar to how we go to Owl of Minerva’s for pork bone soup. A meal here is $10 with tax and tip. Their menu is mainly a variety of soon tofu however you could also get bibimbap or bulgogi. The restaurant is cosy but the lighting is bright. All of the soon tofu comes with purple rice and you can choose the spiciness level of the broth which ranges from no spice to very spicy.


A friend ordered the combination soon tofu which has a decent sized mussel, shrimp and beef along with tofu in a spicy broth. It comes with a raw egg that you crack into the soon tofu.

Another friend ordered the dumpling soon tofu which has dumplings, beef and tofu in a spicy broth. A third friend had the kimchi soon tofu which has kimchi, beef, pork and tofu in a spicy broth. A fourth friend had the Veggie soon tofu which has mushroom, broccoli, onion, zucchini and tofu in a spicy broth. They all come with a raw egg as well.


I ordered the soybean soon tofu. The broth is soybean based as opposed to its regular broth and it doesn’t come with a raw egg. The soybean soon tofu has beef, mushroom, a decent sized mussel and tofu.

If you have a craving for soon tofu in either downtown Koreatown or uptown Koreatown then you should eat here.

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Royal Chinese Seafood Restaurant


I decided to eat a quick dinner here last month. The restaurant is located in a non descript plaza at the McNicoll and Middlefield intersection. It’s kind of small although the seating caters to large groups. I got a seat at a booth. I ordered the chili chicken ($8.50 + tax & tip). It comes with a bowl of rice. The chili chicken is comprised of deep fried chicken, onions, green chilies and gravy. It’s quite spicy. If you don’t want to go to Markham and 14th for Indian Hakka cuisine then this is a good alternative in Scarborough.

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Chilling at Harbourfront: Indian Roti House and Lick It Gelato


Lamb Curry Roti


Eggplant and Potato Roti

I met up with my friend and we had dinner at Indian Roti House during the Civic holiday. I got the Lamb curry roti ($10 including tax). It’s quite delicious. The lamb wasn’t fatty much and quite tender. The curry wasn’t saucy which my friend said isn’t normally the case. I had it medium spicy and it had a nice kick to it. My friend got the eggplant and potato roti for $10 including tax. She enjoyed it. This restaurant doesn’t accept credit cards, it only accepts cash and debit card. I was lucky that my friend warned me in advance so I could ensure I had cash in my wallet. If you’re at Harbourfront and craving a roti or Indian food then you could check out this restaurant.


We then walked to Lick It Gelato. They had pink grapefruit, honey lavender, basil lemon flavours, among others. They also offered blood orange and earl grey tea in the past. Those flavours weren’t available this time around. My friend got a cup of pink grapefruit.

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Dessert adventures in downtown Toronto: Kekou Gelato

wpid-img_20140804_170008.jpg wpid-img_20140920_180606.jpg

Kekou Gelato is at 13 Baldwin St at Baldwin Village. It serves gelato with Asian flavours. It’s like I flew on a plane to Hong Kong or Singapore and went to an ice cream or gelato shop. The flavours include HK milk tea, pandan, soursop, peanut sesame, durian, Vietnamese coffee, Thai iced tea, whiskey green tea, white chocolate red bean, among other flavours. Everything is made with real ingredients. Kekou has a stamp card wherein if you get 9 scoops/cones/cups you’ll get a small cone or cup for free on your tenth scoop. I got a 2 scoop ice cream cone for $5.03 including tax. The first time I went I had the durian and Thai Iced Tea in a seaweed cone. The second time I went I got the whiskey green tea and ginger dark chocolate sorbet in a seaweed cone. If you’re interested in trying Asian flavour gelatos then this is the place to go to.

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Dessert adventures in downtown Toronto: Sweet Olenka’s

wpid-img_20140804_161243.jpgSweet Olenka’s is west of Ossington on Queen St W. They have a large variety of ice cream flavours and chocolate covered ice cream bars. They also have baked goods and macarons. I tried the miso jellyfish, pomegranate green tea, malt milk chocolate, drunken kitty, and cardamom vanilla ice cream flavours before getting a 3 kid scoop ice cream cone ($6.78 including tax). I got the drunken kitty, cardamom vanilla and miso jellyfish. Cardamom vanilla is a nice take on vanilla, the cardamom gives the vanilla a nice kick. Miso jellyfish is actually quite nice, it’s not fishy smelling like you’d first think when you hear the flavour name and it’s quite mild in terms of taste as to what you’d think it would taste like. The jellyfish gives it an interesting texture. They also have pistachio ($1 extra), creme brulée, rocky road, chocolate key lime, among many other flavours. So while they offer interesting, crazy flavours, there’s also the regular flavours of ice cream available at Sweet Olenka’s. I would definitely come back when I’m wandering around the west part of downtown.

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Ossington Strip & Pho Tien Thanh

Bang bang ice cream at 93 Ossington near Argyle was closed on Monday when I decided to explore the Ossington strip on Civic holiday. I decided to eat lunch at Pho Tien Thanh at 57 Ossington.

I got the #9 pho dac biet. It’s their house special beef noodle soup. It’s composed of noodles, well done beef, rare beef, beef brisket, tripe and tendon along with bean sprouts and a lime wedge in a broth. A small is $8.20 including tax. The service is slow however everybody speaks Vietnamese so the food is authentic. There’s only afew pieces of meat so in terms of portions to prices I prefer Pho 88 at Bamburgh Circle in Scarborough.

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