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Sun’s Kitchen

I was in a rush this past Friday evening so I got take out from Sun’s Kitchen. It’s located on the second floor of Pacific Mall. It’s in the inner food court rather than the food court close to the escalators. They make the noodles right there so you’re guaranteed fresh noodles every time. You could see the chef making the noodles from scratch with the dough by the counter. The options include BBQ pork noodles in soup, dan dan noodles, beef tendon noodles in soup, wonton noodles in soup and BBQ duck noodles in soup. I had the beef brisket noodles (la mian) in soup ($6.75 including tax).


The dish comprises of beef brisket, afew pieces of shanghai bok choi, la mian/noodles and chicken broth. It also comes with soy bean milk. The beef brisket was tender and the noodles were delicious. If you’re at Pacific Mall or Market Village and unsure of what to eat, you could easily and cheaply satisfy any noodle craving here.

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Top Saigon

This past Sunday my friends and I went to Top Saigon at the Finch-Leslie Plaza for lunch. The decor reminds me of a Hong Kong style cafe and the lighting is quite bright. My friend said that it was a Thai-Viet restaurant but to me it had a more Chinese or Hong Kong cafe feel to it. Most of my friends ordered a curry dish. Their curry options include curry lamb and curry duck.


I had a small Curry Chicken Noodles in Soup ($6.25). The dish is potatoes, chicken and noodles in a curry soup broth with onions as garnishing. The curry is really good although I would have preferred the chicken to be deboned. Their quality of potatoes could be better but their chicken is quite good. The portions are quite large since I wasn’t able to finish the small portion. Overall, this is a good restaurant to try if you’re in the area and craving curry.

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Made In China

This past Sunday my friends and I went to Made in China for lunch. Despite the restaurant name, they also serve ramen, hot pot and Korean food. The Chinese food they serve is mostly from Southern China. The decor at the place is quite modern and the lighting is fairly bright. The service is quite prompt especially since we were a group of nearly 16 people.

Hainanese Chicken Rice that I got on Apr. 27

Hainanese Chicken Rice that I got on Apr. 27, 2014

My friend got their Hainanese Chicken Rice and it’s the most authentic looking Hainanese Chicken Rice I’ve seen so far in Toronto. It actually has the black sauce, hot sauce and ginger sauce. The rice also looks like it’s been cooked in the chicken fat to give it flavour.


I ordered the beef sizzling platter ($6.99). The beef sizzling platter includes kimchi, daikon, spicy fried tofu, a bowl of rice and a choice of iced prune juice or pop. The beef sizzling platter is beef with onions, leeks, carrots with some sesame seeds sprinkled on top and served on a sizzling hot plate. It’s very filling.

If you and your friends can’t decide what to eat then this is the restaurant for you with its variety of cuisine options!

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Huh Ga Ne

At first my high school friends and I decided to eat at Lim Ga Ne however we went at the wrong time (at 7pm on a Friday night) so we were in for a long wait since the people before us got the last table for 3+ people. Instead we walked over to Huh Ga Ne. Huh Ga Ne recently opened and it’s under the same management as Lim Ga Ne. It also has Lim Ga Ne’s cooks in the kitchen. The decor there is much nicer and it’s much brighter and it has more space compared to Lim Ga Ne. Huh Ga Ne doesn’t have the homey feel that Lim Ga Ne has; it looks more upscale and classier which may probably be due to the chandelier. As with Lim Ga Ne, Huh Ga Ne has traditional style tables and seating and regular tables and chairs. My friends and I sat at the regular tables and we had the kam pung ki ($15-medium) and soondea jeon gol ($25).

side dishes at Huh Ga Ne

side dishes at Huh Ga Ne

The kam pung ki is a fusion dish. It is deep fried chicken with sweet, sour and spicy sauce. My friends thought that it’s almost like a spicier version of sweet and sour pork. The deep fried chicken can be abit fatty.


The soondea jeon gol comes with 2 bowls of purple rice since the serving size is for two people. Soondea jeon gol is basically several types of korean style sausages with vegetables cooked hot pot style. It has soondae (blood sausage), rice cakes, carrots, onions, napa cabbage, pickles, clear noodles, pig ears, enoki mushrooms and vegetables. It’s quite delicious and it has the perfect level of spiciness.


Overall, I found Huh Ga Ne to be on par with Lim Ga Ne in terms of pricing and the quality and quantity of food. The only bad thing about Huh Ga Ne is that there was this smell that came from the food that other people in the restaurant were eating that reminded me of fermented tofu except my friend said that it looked like pork. If you can let that smell not bother you then I prefer Huh Ga Ne to Lim Ga Ne.

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Nazareth Restaurant

My university friends and I went to eat at Nazareth for Ethiopian food after walking around Bloor St. W on the last Sunday of the year. Nazareth Restaurant is quite dark, small and cozy. There aren’t alot of tables there so get there early to avoid the line! A word of warning, the washrooms are in the basement, down a flight of stairs, and the ceiling is not for anybody taller than 5’5 or 165cm. We had the vegetarian platter ($10) and the tibs ($12). We were each given a plate of injera bread. Injera is like roti/chapatti, dosa, paratha, and/or naan in that they are all flatbreads however injera is more sponge-like and is much softer and not as course as Indian flatbread. It is also not as crunchy as Indian flatbread. The way you eat Ethiopean food is similar to the way you would eat Indian food. There are no utensils so you would first wash your hands. You then rip the large piece of injera into a small piece and use that to pick up the food and you would eat it.  You’re given a pitcher of water as well.

top: vegetarian platter bottom: tibs

top: vegetarian platter
bottom: tibs

The vegetarian platter and tibs were served on the same plate and on top of a large piece of injera. My friends both enjoyed it however one of my friends found the tibs slightly too spicy for her. I found the dishes to be perfectly delicious and not too spicy. The vegetarian platter is basically a combination of a variety of vegetable dishes eaten in Ethiopia. The vegetarian platter includes feta cheese, salad, collard greens, amongst other Ethiopian vegetarian dishes. Tibs is pieces of beef sauteed in seasoned butter, onions and peppers.

piece of injera

piece of injera

Overall, if you’re close to Koreatown, Little Italy, Bloordale or Dufferin Grove and craving good, cheap Ethiopian food then Nazareth Restaurant is the place to go to.

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Cafe Bene

Afew of my high school friends and I went to Cafe Bene to have dessert last Friday. It’s on the second floor on top of a bar&grill. It’s a cute little quaint place. It’s quite small but the tables there have a sense of privacy due to the way the place is structured. There are also rooms for karaoke. One friend had the affogato coffee which is ice cream with chocolate syrup drizzled on it in coffee. Another friend had iced peppermint latte. I got the parfait ($9 including tax).


forefront: parfait in the back: iced peppermint latte

forefront: parfait
in the back: iced peppermint latte

The parfait is made of crushed ice, pieces of strawberries, strawberry ice cream, pieces of kiwi, mango ice cream, pieces of bananas, cornflakes and waffle cookies with chocolate syrup drizzled on top of whipped cream. It was yummy.

Overall, if you’re in North York and feeling like dessert, coffee, or karaoke in a nice, small, fairly quiet place then Cafe Bene fits the bill.

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