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Salad King

My university friends and I went to Salad King this past Thursday for dinner. We hadn’t seen each other in a while and it’s the holiday season. The decor is quite modern with some Thai art accents. It’s also much more brightly lit compared to Linda Modern Thai, their sister restaurant at Shops at Don Mills in North York. Their service is fairly prompt and nice. My friends got the Golden Curry with Chicken on Rice ($8.75) while I had the Panang Curry with Beef on Rice ($8.75) and Thai Iced Tea ($2.75).


The Golden Curry with Chicken has bell pepper, broccoli, carrot, chicken, mushroom, onion and bay leaf in Thai yellow curry with coconut milk, palm sugar, tamarind and Thai herbs. It’s served with steam rice on the side in a pyramid shape. My friends had the curry with 1 chili so it was mildly spicy. Both of my friends didn’t find it very spicy; They thought it was faintly spicy however they still enjoyed it immensely.


The Panang Curry with Beef has Sweet Asian basil, beef, bell pepper, lime leaf and peanuts in Panang curry with coconut milk. It’s served with steam rice on the side in a pyramid shape. I had the curry with 5 chilies and while it was spicy, it wasn’t as spicy as I expected it to be and it wasn’t as spicy as I would have liked it to be. Overall, it was still quite delicious.


The Thai Iced Tea is quite authentic. It tasted like the Thai Iced Tea I had at the MBK Centre food court in Bangkok. Thai Iced Tea is black tea with condensed milk and spices served over ice.

Overall, I recommend this restaurant if you’re around Eaton Center and looking for a delicious cheap place to eat or if you’re in the area and craving Thai food that’s cheap and delicious.

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My university friend and I decided to try this restaurant this past Sunday. She wanted to eat Indian food and I haven’t had Indian food in a while. It’s kind of hard to find the restaurant if you’ve never been there before and you’re driving around at night trying to find it. It’s on Markham Road between Passmore and McNicoll Ave. It’s at 3021 Markham Road but you don’t see 3021 while driving down Markham Road. You turn into 3001 and 3031 Markham Road and drive in abit before you’ll see 3021 and the restaurant. The restaurant is fairly large and sparsely decorated. You can dine in or order take out there. They also have a lunch buffet option. We had the rasam vada ($4.99), rava masala dosa ($8.29) and gulab jamun ($2.99). I also got the madras masala tea ($2.49) while my friend had the mango lassi ($3.49).


The rasam vada is 2 medu vada soaked in rasam sauce and topped with coriander. Medu vada means soft lentil doughnuts. The rasam sauce is slightly spicy. My friend and I both found it quite delicious.


The rava masala dosa comprises of potatoes stuffed inside a rava dosa which is an Indian crepe and 4 different kinds of chutney. In Singapore I’m used to the chutney being quite spicy but the chutneys at this restaurant wasn’t spicy so I was slightly disappointed. My friend found one of the chutneys to be spicier than the other but it didn’t taste spicy to me. The potatoes inside the rava dosa weren’t evenly distributed. They were all clumped together in one small area of the rava dosa.

The gulab jamun was delicious. I’ve had this Indian dessert multiple times and I was hoping to try something different. We had asked the server for recommendations and he was quite adamant about the gulab jamun. Gulab jamun or Gulabjamun is this spongy flour milk ball in rose sugar syrup. It’s quite sweet.

IMG_0413 IMG_0416

The madras masala tea was delicious and spicy. Madras masala tea comprises of black tea, milk, sugar and spices. It has a spicy kick to it unlike Thai tea. My friend enjoyed her mango lassi. Lassi is made of yoghurt, water and in this particular case mangoes as well.

Overall, I recommend this restaurant to anybody craving good, authentic South Indian food.

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A bunch of my friends and I went to Kiko in mid-November for lunch on Sunday. It’s a fairly small Hong Kong Cafe (cha chaan teng).


I got the Baked Pork Chops Spaghetti in Portuguese Sauce and Hong Kong style milk tea ($7). It was quite good. The Baked Pork Chops gives you a choice of spaghetti or rice and a choice of sauce including Portuguese Sauce, Tomato Sauce and Tom Yum Sauce. You could choose between Hong Kong Style milk tea, coffee or “yin yeung” which is a mixture of coffee and tea.

A friend of mine had the Baked Pork Chops Spaghetti in Tom Yum Sauce. I was curious as to what the Tom Yum sauce tasted like so I had a spoonful of the sauce. I ended up liking the Tom Yum sauce more than the Portuguese sauce. The Tom Yum sauce was really nice. It was abit spicy and abit sour. The adventurous should order the baked dishes with tom yum sauce since this is the first Hong Kong style cafe I’ve been to that offers this option.

My friends and I also shared the Cubed French Toast. It’s cubed bread that reminds me of fried dough sticks or yu tiao but sweet rather than savoury.

Overall, I recommend this restaurant when you’re in Markham/Richmond Hill (near Highway 7 and Woodbine) and if you want a baked dish, try it with the Tom Yum sauce.

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Gal’s Sushi

I’ve been to Gal’s Sushi multiple times in the past. The last time I came here was with a bunch of friends for lunch on Sunday in early November. It’s a Japanese-Korean restaurant that makes delicious and authentic Japanese and Korean food in Markham. It’s a fairly large restaurant with a nice ambiance however the lighting there is quite dim.


I had the Sashimi, Sushi and Rolls Bento box ($8.99). It includes miso soup, house salad, noodles, rice and a small selection of sashimi, sushi and rolls. The sashimi are red and white tuna, salmon and red snapper. The sushi are shrimp, salmon, yellow tail and white tuna. The rolls are 2 pieces of 3 varieties which are spicy salmon, california roll and dynamite roll.

If you’re in Markham and craving Japanese or Korean food then I recommend coming here.

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Ruelo Patisserie

The first time a friend and I went to have afternoon tea, it was at Windsor Arms for my birthday. Windsor Arms is very classy looking and the ambiance is quite 20th century. The afternoon tea on a weekend is $42. The second time we went to have afternoon tea, it was at Ruelo Patisserie in February. Their afternoon tea (the Regular Set) is decently priced at $20 including tax and tip. The third time I went to have afternoon tea with another friend was due to a Groupon at Ruelo Patisserie for the Deluxe Set.

Regular Set at Ruelo Patisserie

Regular Set at Ruelo Patisserie

What I love about Ruelo Patisserie when compared to Windsor Arms is that for the petite fours, it’s creme brulee and a macaron, in our case it was raspberry macaron. I also got the fleur de sel macaron. I preferred the fleur de sel macaron over the raspberry macaron. The creme brulee was quite delectable. IMG_8541 The raisin and plain scones, clotted cream and jam were tasty. The scones were smaller than the ones we had at Windsor Arms however it was just as filling. IMG_8542 We were given three different kinds of sandwiches. There was bruschetta on a mini toast, smoked salmon with lemon and arugula on a mini toast and lettuce wrapped in a thinly sliced piece of prosciutto. IMG_8543 IMG_8544 Ruelo Patisserie has a large variety of teas. You’re able to smell them to help you narrow down your choices. It took quite a while for my friend and I to decide which tea to get. We both got different teas. IMG_8546The third time I went to Ruelo Patisserie for afternoon tea was when there was a Groupon (two Deluxe Sets for $27.50 excluding tax and tip) in early November. We had to make reservations first and the earliest my friend and I could get a spot on a weekend was in early November. I also got a variety of their macarons.

Deluxe Set at Ruelo Patisserie

Deluxe Set at Ruelo Patisserie

My high school friend chose caramel tea while I got the four red fruits tea. It was quite fruity and nice.


The petit fours selection for the Deluxe Set is fairly good. So while the Regular Set has a macaron and a creme brulee, the Deluxe Set also has green tea red bean cake and pumpkin banana bread. I really liked the green tea red bean cake although I would have preferred it to be a bigger slice. My friend thought the pumpkin banana bread was very weak in taste while I thought it was bland-tasting. The creme brulee was delicious. My friend had the raspberry macaron which she thought was very sweet. I had the fleur de sel macaron which I thought was much too salty and the particular macaron I had wasn’t well-made since the ganache fell out of the sandwich cookie. I liked the fleur de sel macaron the first time I had it at Ruelo in February rather than at my most recent visit there in early November.


The Deluxe Set has 3 raisin mini scones and 1 plain mini scones and 2 raisin pastries. There is also clotted cream and jam for the scones.


The Deluxe Set has a mini quiche, shrimp and mango on a mini toast, smoked salmon with lemon and arugula on a mini toast and lettuce wrapped in a thinly sliced piece of prosciutto. The shrimp and mango on a mini toast is very interesting, my friend and I first thought the mango pieces were corn. It definitely gives it a different dimension. We both really enjoyed it. The mini quiche and smoked salmon with lemon and arugula on a mini toast were also very delicious.


I got 6 macarons for take-out. The macaron flavours I tried were wasabi grapefruit ($2.50), cassis/blackcurrent ($2.25), blueberry lemon ($2.50), yuzu ($2.50), ruelo($3) and rose lychee raspberry ($2.50). I really liked the ruelo and blueberry lemon. The wasabi grapefruit, yuzu and rose lychee raspberry were interesting. The Blueberry Lemon macaron has real blueberries in the lemon ganache. The lemon flavour is subtle. The Cassis/Blackcurrent macaron was quite good. It has real blackcurrent in the ganache which is incidentally a blackcurrent chocolate ganache. The Ruelo macaron is sweet. The praline is in the white part and it goes really well with the milk chocolate ganache. The Wasabi Grapefruit macaron has a strong wasabi flavour that overwhelms whatever grapefruit flavour there may be in the macaron. You can really taste the wasabi flavour in the macaron since the ganache is wasabi flavour however you don’t get the aftereffect of eating wasabi which is nice. The Yuzu macaron has a dark chocolate ganache. Yuzu is Japanese lime and it’s quite sour. The Rose Lychee Raspberry macaron has a really strong rose flavour. I couldn’t taste the raspberry in the macaron. The ganache for the macaron is rose lychee and this particular combination works since the rose and lychee compliments each other.

Top Left: Yuzu Middle Left: Wasabi Grapefruit Bottom Left: Blueberry Lemon Middle: Rose Lychee Raspberry Top Right: Ruelo Bottom Right: Blackcurrent/Cassis

Top Left: Yuzu
Middle Left: Wasabi Grapefruit
Bottom Left: Blueberry Lemon
Middle: Rose Lychee Raspberry
Top Right: Ruelo
Bottom Right: Blackcurrent/Cassis

Since Ruelo’s afternoon tea includes creme brulee and macarons, I wouldn’t mind coming back here yet again for afternoon tea.

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