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Ding Tai Fung

A group of my university friends and I went out to eat dinner at Ding Tai Fung last month. My colleague had repeatedly told me to go to this restaurant and I had a craving for Shanghainese cuisine. While finding parking at First Markham Place can be tough, it wasn’t too bad since we were meeting up at 8pm on a Wednesday night. The decor at the place is quite modern and the service was quite prompt. My friends basically let me order. This has only happened once to me before (please refer to my earlier post about One 2 Snacks). We had the xiao long bao ($5.99), wor tip ($5.99), spicy wontons ($5.99), steamed rice and meat Chinese dumpling ($5.99), stewed beef in pancake ($5.99), fried baguette ($3.25) and souffle balls stuffed with red bean paste ($6.99).


The xiao long bao was delicious. The soup was good, the skin was thin and soft and the meat was juicy.


The wor tip was delectable. It was fried perfectly, not too crunchy but not for looks. It’s the northern style kind so the skin is thicker than the southern style kind. The meat was juicy and the soup in it was good.


The spicy wontons were enjoyable. It wasn’t as spicy as I would prefer it to be however the skin was very thin and the meat was juicy. The meat to dough ratio was heavily skewed towards the meat which is basically how I prefer my wontons.


The steamed rice and meat chinese dumpling was interesting. It’s glutinous rice and meat siu mai. A friend of mine found it dry. I found that it goes well with vinegar.


The stewed beef in pancake was good. It’s green onions and beef rolled in a pancake. I think the ones at Asian Legend are better.

IMG_20131030_205005 IMG_20131030_205356

The fried baguette was nice. The crust is crunchy while the inside is soft and chewy and you dip it in condensed milk. My friends who are girls enjoyed this dish more than my guy friends.


The souffle balls stuffed with red bean paste was scrumptious. My friends found it too sweet while I found it alright. There’s the option of having sesame paste rather than red bean paste but a friend of mine prefers red bean over sesame.

Overall, my friends found the place alright. They thought the food was ok for the price. For the most part, this place adheres to the adage “you get what you pay for”.

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Szechuan Legend Restaurant

My university friend and I decided to have dinner together in late October since we haven’t seen each other since mid-June. I haven’t had Szechuan cuisine for afew years so I had a slight craving for it. The restaurant is fairly small and there are lots of pictures on the walls. The servers there are nice. My friend got the Mushroom Beef Udon Soup ($7.99) while I got the Fried Cumin Lamb ($10.99) and a bowl of rice ($3).


The Fried Cumin Lamb consists of lamb, spices, onions, red peppers and green peppers. The Fried Cumin Lamb wasn’t as spicy as I expected it to be. To be honest, I didn’t find it spicy. The lamb was also fairly fatty. I wasn’t impressed with this dish. The bowl of rice is overpriced at $3 so I’d recommend ordering a dish that comes with rice or noodles.


My friend enjoyed the Mushroom Beef Udon Soup. It consists of udon noodles, beef and a variety of mushrooms.

Overall, I’m not a fan of the restaurant. Although the service was attentive, fast and efficient, the food wasn’t up to par.

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I went to Chatime four times during their grand opening week in late October at the Markham location. I had the buy one and get one free drink coupon that was valid for a week so my friends and I made good use of it.


I got the Grass Jelly Roasted Milk Tea (regular size is $4.75 including tax) the first two times I went. The first time I went with friends. I ordered no ice and 30% sugar. They still gave me ice and I found it very sweet still even though the amount of sugar is suppose to be less. The second time I went with my work colleague. She loves the Grass Jelly Roasted Milk Tea and that’s all she ever orders at Chatime. I ordered no ice and no sugar. This time there wasn’t any ice and it wasn’t as sweet as the first time. I like the Grass Jelly Roasted Milk Tea with no sugar and no ice when it’s not scorching hot outside.


I had the Matcha Red Bean Milk Tea (large size) the third time I went with my colleague again. I had it with 30% sugar and no ice. At first I was going to order it no sugar but the cashier remarked that “it would be so bitter!” so I decided to add a little bit of sugar to it. I didn’t find it bitter and it was a nice green tea taste.


I had the Roasted Tea Latte (regular size is $4.75 including tax) the fourth time I went with another work colleague. It’s creamier and smoother than the Roasted Milk Tea.

Overall, I would definitely go there when I have a coupon or when it’s heavily discounted or when my friends want to go. Otherwise, I find that the drinks are too pricey for regular consumption.

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Ajisen Ramen

A group of my friends and I decided to go to Ajisen Ramen for lunch last month after getting Chatime. I ordered the tenderous ribs ramen ($11).


It was quite good albeit the broth felt like it had MSG in it. The tenderous ribs ramen has 3 pieces of ribs, beansprouts, seaweed and ramen. The ribs were very soft, juicy and delicious. I would recommend this place if you’re in the area and craving ramen.

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One 2 Snacks

My work colleague told me to go eat at One 2 Snacks for awhile now and it took me until mid-October to finally order take-out from the place. A word of warning, the restaurant is only open Thursday-Sunday. My friends were hanging out at my place and since I was the only one to have ever eaten Singaporean/Malaysian food (they didn’t know such a thing existed), I had carte blanche for ordering dinner. One 2 Snacks is a take-out restaurant rather than a dine-in restaurant. I called the day before and ordered 6 curry puffs (tax free at $4.80 if you buy 6 pieces), fried kway teow ($5.99), laksa ($5.99) and roti cannai with curry ($5.25).


The fried kway teow was quite authentic. When I called to order the take out, I was asked if I wanted one kind of noodles or mixed. This is the only restaurant I found in the GTA who does fried kway teow authentically with mixed noodles. The fried kway teow consists of mixed noodles, shrimp, soy sauce, beansprouts, egg, leeks and meat.


The laksa was spicy. I was also asked if I wanted one kind of noodles or mixed and I chose mixed. The laksa consists of mixed noodles, shrimp, mushrooms, tofu pok, fish balls, beansprouts and chicken in a spicy coconut milk laksa broth.

IMG_20131019_191646 IMG_20131019_191659

The roti cannai with curry chicken was scrumptious. The roti cannai is like prata. Roti cannai or prata is made from ghee, flour and water. The curry chicken wasn’t as spicy as the laksa in my opinion.


The curry puffs were quite authentic. It’s not as good as Old Chang Kee’s Curry O however it’s just as good as the curry puffs sold on the streets of Singapore. The puff has a fairly thick skin and it’s stuffed with curried potatoes.

We were also provided with sambal and their version is quite spicy. Overall, I recommend this restaurant over the other Singaporean/Malaysian/Indonesian restaurants in the GTA. My friends were satisfied with the place and they would definitely go back.

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Montreal-Day 3

Inside Cathedrale Marie Reine du Monde

Inside Cathedrale Marie Reine du Monde


After checking out of my hostel, I went to Cathedrale Marie Reine du Monde since I was unable to go inside the cathedral on Saturday. It’s very magnificent. Afterwards I took the metro and then I walked to Depanneur Le Pick Up (please refer to my review of it on an earlier post for details).




Variety of honey sold at Marche Jean Talon

Variety of honey sold at Marche Jean Talon

Cider at Jean Talon Market

Cider at Jean Talon Market

orchids and peacock feathers at Jean Talon Market

Orchids and Peacock Feathers at Jean Talon Market

Lavender and orchids at Marche Jean Talon

Lavender and Orchids at Marche Jean Talon

Sunflowers at Jean Talon Market

Sunflowers at Jean Talon Market


After brunch I walked around Little Italy and made my way to Jean Talon Market. There’s a variety of things for sale there, similar to St. Jacob’s Farmers Market in Kitchener-Waterloo. I was surprised to see maple syrup being sold in a can.


Outside of Notre Dame de la Defense Eglise


Outside of Notre Dame de la Defense Eglise


Outside of Notre Dame de la Defense Eglise

I walked past Notre-Dame de la Defense Church on my way to Caffe San Simeon. I got a latte ($2.50). It was good.

IMG_0172 IMG_0174 IMG_0176

I then made my way to St. Viateur Bagel and got a sesame bagel ($0.75) for take out. Word of advice, eat it when it’s hot and not when it’s cold. I didn’t like it much since I had it the next day on my way home.

IMG_0184 IMG_0183 IMG_0182

I then meandered my way to Club Social and got a cappucino ($2.50). I prefer Club Social over Caffe San Simeon. They have nicer take out cups and they use brown sugar instead of white sugar. They also have cinnamon and chocolate sprinkles so it’s like getting coffee from Second Cup or Starbucks but at a much more affordable price and a healthier alternative from their usage of brown sugar!



Menu at Club Social


I enjoyed my cappuccino at Club Social for a bit before taking the bus to make my way to Square St. Louis. The houses surrounding the square are Victorian style so they’re very unique and interesting compared to the houses I’m used to seeing in Toronto.


Fountain at Square St. Louis

Fountain at Square St. Louis


Statue at Square St. Louis

Statue at Square St. Louis


I then made my way to Chapelle Notre Dame de Lourdes. It’s a very beautiful church. It’s quite small in comparison to other churches that I’ve seen in Montreal however it has its own charm.

Outside of Notre Dame de Lourdes

Outside of Chapelle Notre Dame de Lourdes

Inside Notre Dame de Lourdes

Inside of Chapelle Notre Dame de Lourdes

I then made my way to the Clock Tower and found out that the stairs and viewpoint are closed for the season. I then meandered my way to Rotisserie Romados (please refer to my review of it on an earlier post for details). Afterwards I walked around the Plateau before making my way to La Banquise (please refer to my review of it on an earlier post for details). I slowly walked back to my hostel before heading to Place Bonaventure to take the Megabus back to Toronto.

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