Lim Ga Ne

My university friend and I decided to eat at Lim Ga Ne this past Friday because she wanted to eat Korean food. It’s a fairly small restaurant. What I like about it is that on one side of the restaurant there’s the traditional tables while the other side has regular tables and chairs. The restaurant is also open 24 hours. The chopsticks at this restaurant aren’t the Korean metal chopsticks with nice designs on the handle but the one-time use wooden chopsticks. Also the prices on the menu include tax.

assorted kimchi at Lim Ga Ne

assorted kimchi at Lim Ga Ne

My friend ordered the Kalbi Tang ($9). Kalbi Tang is beef short ribs stew with clear noodles and vegetables. She liked it.

Kalbi Tang

Kalbi Tang

I ordered Mo Deum Soon Dae (small serving is $10) and Jae Yook Bokeum (medium serving is $15). Mo Deum Soon Dae is assorted Korean style sausages which meant blood sausage, liver and pig ears. The blood sausage is delicious. It’s sausage skin stuffed with intestines, glutinous rice and noodles. The boiled liver is ok. The pig ears are tasteless. My high school Korean friend later told me that I was suppose to dip the pig ears into the bowl of salt (featured in the kimchi picture-top right). I would recommend ordering the dish with only the blood sausage. There are 3 portion sizes for you to choose: small, medium and large. The small portion is good either as a meal for 1 person or split between 2 meals. A word of advice, finish the entire dish at the restaurant. I had only eaten the pig ears, liver and a few pieces of the blood sausage on Friday and I had the leftovers for lunch on Monday and it wasn’t as delicious, comparatively speaking.

Mo Deum Soon Dae

Mo Deum Soon Dae

Jae Yook Bokeum is stir fried pork with kimchi. It doesn’t come with rice. It looks spicier than the actual taste which is quite disappointing. The kimchi was spicier than this dish. It’s pork belly with kimchi which is quite good, despite the lack of perceived spiciness. Funny thing, when I reheated the leftovers at home to have with rice, it was alot spicier than when I ate it at the restaurant. There are 2 portion sizes for you to choose: medium and large. The medium portion is quite filling for 3 meals.

Jae Yook Bokeum

Jae Yook Bokeum

Overall, I would recommend this restaurant for the blood sausage and the fact that it is open 24 hours and the menu prices already include tax. On my future visit, I want to try their deep-fried chicken.

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