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Village Creperie

My friends and I wanted to have brunch on a Saturday back in February and we didn’t want to go to the usual places (Cora’s and Mel’s while Golf’s Steakhouse & Seafood only does Sunday brunch) so we decided to try Village Creperie. Village Creperie only serves crepes however it has quite the variety of savoury and sweet crepes.

the brunch menu

the brunch menu

the dessert and drinks menu

the dessert and drinks menu

Two of my friends had the crepes from the Special’s Board. They had the Benny’s Special ($12) while my other friend and I had the Good Morning Crepe ($11).

nothing like crepes for brunch =)

nothing like crepes for brunch

One of my friends had the smoked salmon Benny’s Special with a side of bacon. The Benny’s Special includes 2 poached eggs, smoked salmon between biscuits topped in hollandaise sauce. It also comes with a side of homefries. My friend enjoyed it.

Benny's Special-smoked salmon

Benny’s Special-Smoked Salmon

Another of my friends had the Florentine Benny’s Special. It includes 2 poached eggs, feta cheese and spinach that are sandwiched between biscuits that are topped in hollandaise sauce. It also comes with a side of homefries. My friend was very full and satisfied with this dish.

Benny's Special-Florentine

Benny’s Special-Florentine

My friend and I loved the Good Morning Crepe. The Good Morning Crepe comes with a bowl of fruits, hash browns, sausages, a side of homefries and 2 eggs in a buckwheat crepe. It’s very fulling and quite hearty and delicious.

Good Morning Crepe!

Good Morning Crepe!

We also ordered a dessert crepe ($9). We chose Bob’s Dulce de Leche with toasted pecans and fruits. The crepe had dulce de leche, fruits and pecans inside. The fruits included blackberries, oranges, grapes, honeydew, and pineapples. It’s a very scrumptious and sweet crepe.

Bob's Dulce de Leche with toasted pecans and fruits

Bob’s Dulce de Leche with toasted pecans and fruits

Overall, if you want crepes, this is the place to go for Kitchener/Waterloo. It’s located in a quaint part of town that has an Uptown Waterloo feel without the tall buildings. I would probably try the Very Veggie Crepe the next time I come back.

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The Grilled Cheese

My high school friends and I were wandering around Kensington Market this past Monday when we decided to eat at The Grilled Cheese. I got the Grilled Motzy ($8) while my friend had the Mushroom Madness ($6). My other friend wasn’t hungry so she didn’t order anything. The grilled cheese sandwiches comes with pickles and chips. It’s a great restaurant in the summer because you could sit outside on the picnic tables or inside. The restaurant vibe and decor is quite nice.

the menu

the menu

I loved the Grilled Motzy. It has balsamic vinegar, basil pesto, arugula, sundried tomatoes and Fiore di Latte cheese. It’s very filling. The chips that came with it were on the salty side but nothing a bit of ketchup can’t fix.

Grilled Motzy

Grilled Motzy

My friend loved the Mushroom Madness. It has cheddar cheese, swiss cheese, cremini mushrooms and portobello mushrooms.

Mushroom Madness

Mushroom Madness

If you’re in Kensington Market or Chinatown and craving a grilled cheese sandwich, I would definitely recommend this place. The next time I come back, I’ll probably try Blackjack.

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Hog’s Tail BBQ

I usually get take-out from Hog’s Tail and it’s usually purely meat in a take-out container. I usually get their 1lb of pulled pork ($10) although I’ve had their 1lb of beef brisket ($11) and their ribs ($12/20) before. I’ve also tried their Catfish Louisiana Po’Boy ($11). They were all tasty. However, my friend and I decided to dine in in April after our history of always getting take-out.

our dinner

our dinner

We split an appetizer called Chicken and Andouille Gumbo ($7). It is a stew comprised of chicken, Andouille sausage, peppers, onions, celery, okra and rice and it comes with a square of cornbread. It’s quite tasty.

Chicken and Andouille Gumbo

Chicken and Andouille Gumbo

We both got the 2 meat and 2 sides sampler platter which also comes with a slice of cornbread ($17). My friend had pulled pork, beef brisket, coleslaw and braised collard greens. My friend didn’t like their beef brisket for that particular meal since it wasn’t as soft and tender as the ones he had before. However he liked the pulled pork, coleslaw and collard greens.

braised collard greens, pulled pork, beef brisket, cornbread and coleslaw

braised collard greens, pulled pork, beef brisket, cornbread and coleslaw

I decided to try their pig tails, jalapeno hush puppies and Carolina stone ground grits. I also had their ribs. I liked their jalapeno hush puppies and their ribs. I discovered that I’m not a fan of pig tails and grits. I wasn’t able to finish my meal so I had leftovers for brunch and dinner for the next day.

cornbread, stone ground grits, pigtails, ribs and jalapeno hush puppies

cornbread, stone ground grits, pigtails, ribs and jalapeno hush puppies

Overall, if you want Southern style BBQ in Waterloo, this is the place to go.

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Armenian Kitchen

Waterloo has a few delicious Middle Eastern restaurants and I wanted to see if Toronto had any as well so that I don’t have to always go to Waterloo for good Middle Eastern cuisine. Armenian Kitchen serves up a good shawarma plate that’s very filling.

Now this is what I call filling! 3 meals for the price of one n.n

Now this is what I call filling! 3 meals for the price of one n.n

I had the mixed shawarma and veggie combo ($16 with taxes and tip, $14.68 with taxes) . It comes with a mix of chicken and beef shawarma, hummus, babaghanoush, taboule, 3 falafels,  labaneh and 3 pitas. You also get a plate of pickles.

mixed shawarma and veggie combo

mixed shawarma and veggie combo

The portions are very generous and this one meal lasted me for three meals (dinner, tomorrow’s lunch and tomorrow’s dinner). Overall, the quality of the food is good and I would come back again if I’m craving shawarma in Toronto.

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Safa Kebob

Afew weeks ago, I went to Safa Kebob with a friend since it’s been a while since my last visit there. Originally, Safa Kebob was part of my list of decent restaurants to eat in KW however I was sorely disappointed on my last visit. On my first visit I had the Chicken Gahlfiarazi with rice, salad, bottled water and naan. This time around, I got the Goosht Biryani with salad and naan while my friend got the Beef Tikka and Beef Shami Kabob. The service we received the first time we went there in 2012 was friendly and welcoming. The service we received when we went back there in early May wasn’t quite as welcoming and bordering on unfriendly.

Our dinner

Our dinner

The Goosht Biryani was ok, it wasn’t as spicy as I thought it would be and there wasn’t much ingredients in it, just lots and lots of rice with minimal meat and some sauce. There wasn’t much flavour to it and Indian cuisine is known for its spices and flavour. I actually prefer the Chicken Gahlfiarazi since it was very spicy and had a balanced portion of rice and meat. The salad was nothing special.

Goosht Biryani with salad

Goosht Biryani with salad

My friend thought the Beef Tikka and Beef Shami Kabob were ok.

Beef Tikka and Beef Shami Kabob

Beef Tikka and Beef Shami Kabob

Overall, we both prefered the quality of the food the first time we went in 2012 and the service was much better and friendlier in 2012. I wouldn’t recommend this restaurant if you’re looking for Indian food in Kitchener.

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Where to eat in Toronto/GTA

Here’s a list of restaurants I love going to in Toronto (Downtown Toronto, North York, Scarborough, Markham/Richmond Hill).

Chinese Restaurants

-Asian Legend

-Congee Wong

-Congee Queen

-Congee Time

-Phoenix Restaurant

-Diamond Banquet Hall

-Sun Star Chinese Cuisine

-Da Ya Li

-Federick Restaurant

-Sam BBQ Restaurant

-Made in China

-Keung’s Delight

-Kenny’s Delight



Korean Restaurants

-Oh Geul Boh Geul

-Buk Chang Dong Soon Tofu

-Owl of Minerva

-Korean Grill House

-Hodo Kwaja

-Tofu Village

-Jeon Ju Hyang Korean BBQ Restaurant


-Lim Ga Ne

-Huh Ga Ne


Japanese Restaurants

-Ten-Ichi Japanese Cuisine

-Sapporo Sushi

-Gal’s Sushi


-Kenzo Ramen

-Don Don Izakaya

-Sushi Legend (all you can eat restaurant at Finch-Leslie Plaza)

-Spring Sushi (a la carte and all you can eat restaurant at Yonge-Dundas Square)

-Tatami Sushi (all you can eat restaurant at Eglington Town Center)


Thai Viet Restaurants

-Pho 88

-Linda Modern Thai

-Khao San Road Restaurant

-Thai Fusion

-Spring Roll

-Golden Elephant

-Bahn Mi Boyz

-Salad King


Malaysian, Indonesian, Singaporean

-Restoran Malaysia

-Gourmet Malaysia

-Lion City Restaurant






Middle Eastern 

-Armenian Kitchen


-Jerusalem Restaurant (all you can eat and take-out restaurant)


-Arkadia House



-Ethiopian House

-Nazareth Restaurant


Dessert Places

-Caffe Demetre

-Pixel 8

-Summer’s Ice Cream

-Cafe Bene



High Tea

-Ruelo Patisserie

Windsor Arms




-The Grilled Cheese

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Where to Eat in Kitchener-Waterloo

Tired of always eating at the same restaurants? Unsure of where to go to eat out? Here’s a list of decent restaurants in Kitchener-Waterloo, organized by cuisine type.

Korean Restaurants

-Owl of Minerva (Uptown Waterloo)

-Seoul Soul (University Plaza)


Japanese Restaurants

All you can eat:

-Spring Roll (near Conestoga Mall)

-Sushi 99 (near Conestoga Mall)

-O’Yummy’s (Erb St. and Ira Needles Blvd)

-Sushi Star (Kitchener)

-Nara Sushi (Kitchener)

 A la carte:

-Yummyaki (near Conestoga Mall)

-Tomu Sushi (Erb St. and Amos)

-Watami (Uptown Waterloo)


 Chinese Restaurant

 –Cameron Chinese Restaurant (Kitchener)

Thai and Vietnamese

-Ben Thanh (near Conestoga Mall)

-Pho Dau Bo (Kitchener)

-Deli Bahn Mi Gavril (downtown Kitchener)



Indian Food

-Aunty’s Cafe (University Plaza)

-Kismet (University Plaza)

-Masala Bay (Uptown Waterloo)

Western Food

-The Works (Uptown Waterloo)

-Smokes Poutinerie (King/University intersection)

-Bread Heads (downtown Kitchener)

-Cheesus Murphy (Uptown Waterloo and downtown Kitchener)

-Hog’s Tail BBQ (Laurelwood)

-Ennio’s (King/Columbia intersection)

-Martini’s (Kitchener)

-Seven Shores (Uptown Waterloo)


Mexican and South American Food

-Burrito Boyz (King/University intersection)

-Holy Guacamole (downtown Kitchener)

-Guanaquita Restaurant (downtown Kitchener)

-Taco Farm (Uptown Waterloo)


Shawarma and Pitas

-Pita Factory (University Plaza)

-Al Medina’s (University Plaza)

-Mozy Shawarma (King/University intersection)


Vegan Restaurants

-Jane Bond (Uptown Waterloo)

-Raintree Cafe (King/University intersection)

-Lotus Tea House (near Uptown Waterloo)

-Duke Street Muse (downtown Kitchener)


Brunch Restaurants

-Cora’s (Uptown Waterloo)

-Village Creperie (Kitchener)

-Mel’s Diner (University Plaza)


Wings Night Specials

Sunday: Fox and Fiddle

Monday: Morty’s, FrontRow

Tuesday: Molly’s

Wednesday: Fox and Fiddle

Thursday: Morty’s

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